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Animal Relay



Game Description

Each member of a team is allocated a different animal. He must then move across the hall in the style of that animal. Brilliant fun, but hard to grade.
Donkey - Travelling on all fours to the goal and imitating the donkey's bray.
Duck - Walking on two feet in squat position squawking without stopping..
Lame Dog - Walking on two hands and one foot and barking..
Bear - Bent over standing on their hands and feet, moves right and left foot together, and then left hand and right foot together..
Duck - Squatting down low, with knees spread, arms stretched out with their hands clasped in front of their legs below their knees..
Crab - Back toward the floor, supported on hands and feet, the feet facing forward..
Elephant - On hands and feet, with legs and arms absolutely rigid..
Frog - Feet spread with his knees outside his hands, which are together. Advancing by frog-like jumps, landing on hands at each leap, then bringing the feet up..