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Boat or Car Race


A toy boat or car connected to a long length of string on a roller per team

Game Description

This is an oldie but very good when you have a large group to keep amused and interested. You will need four toy boats or cars. These are attached to long lengths of twine which are wound around pieces of dowel or broom handle. Rotating the dowel winds on the twine and drags the toy car or boat along the floor. Split the group into two teams and sit each team on opposite sides of the hall. Choose the biggest person from each team, explaining to the children, that these people are going to try and win points for their team. My boats are red, blue, green and yellow. The first race we use the red and the blue boat. One team is told to shout for the red and the other team to shout for the blue. After the first race I change the boats for the other two boats. I tell the children that this is to ensure that there was no advantage, as perhaps the boats could have been different weights. I then run the new boats out and we have another race. The children get very excited during this game, but you have complete control. You only have to direct the two children running the boats. The rest of the children are sitting at the sides cheering their boat in.