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Cat and Mouse 2



Game Description

This is a slightly different version of a game widely known.
First ask the players to sit in 2's or 3's (One behind the other on the floor)
Then you need to choose a cat and a mouse, the cat chases the mouse around the other groups of children sitting on the floor, (Note: Not through the groups) and the mouse sits down behind one of the groups, the first player sat in the group then stands up and begins to chase the player already standing, (The cat becomes the mouse and the new player becomes the cat) and this repeats as often as you wish, there are two ways to change the way the game is played (If a mouse gets caught they can either sit behind a group and play continues or the mouse could become out and the player must choose a different player to take on the role of the new cat.
Note: This game is more difficult to explain than play.