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B Beavers (aged 6 to 8) Players Suggested Number of Players (min. and max.)
C Cubs (aged 8 to 11) Time Time to play in minutes, including set up and tidy away time
S Scouts (aged 11 to 15+) Type Individual or Team Game
    Equipment None = None required; E = Little Equipment; EE = Needs planning; EEE = Major items needed
Location: Anywhere = Indoors or Outdoors; Indoors = Only Indoors; In/Out, Dry = Indoors or Outdoors when dry; Outdoors = Only Outdoors, any weather; Out, Dry = Only Outdoors, only when dry; Out, Night = Outdoors, at night
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Descend Name B C S Players Time Type Equipment Location Comments Details
3 Step Tag-CS10 to 2020 to 30 minsIndivEAnywhereTag without the running!Details
Accurate Observation--S5 to 505 to 25 minsIndivEAnywhereCan be an ice breakerDetails
Animal Clapping Game-CS8-1510-20 minIndivNoneAnywhereNeeds a very good memory and sense of rhythmDetails
Ankle Grasp-CS4 to 205 to 15 minIndivEAnywherePush others out of circleDetails
Australian Circle Game-CS6 to 3010 to 30 minIndivEAnywherePass the ballDetails
Ball Between LegsBCS6 to 2010 to 20 minIndivEAnywhereCircle game like soccerDetails
Balloon TagBCS4 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivEIndoorsThe winner is the last player who gets their balloon stomped!Details
Bats and Moths-CS6 to 505 to 60 minsIndivEAnywhereA hopping mad gameDetails
Below the KneesBCS10 to 405 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsRequires speed and agility to avoid being hitDetails
Blind Murder-CS10-2010-20 minindivNoneAnywhereQuiet game requiring good observational skillsDetails
BomballBCS8 to 3010 to 30 minIndivEIndoorsElimination type with foam ballsDetails
British Bulldog-CS10 to 365 to 20 minsIndivNoneIn/Out DrySafer versions of the original favouriteDetails
BunniesBCS10 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivNoneIn/Out, DryRequires close observation skillsDetails
Chair Attack-CS4 to 1005 to 30 minsIndivEEIndoorsA game where you aren't outDetails
Chairball-CS4 to 365 to 30 minsIndivEEIndoorsRequires fast reflexes and a good kicking footDetails
Chalk Circle #2-CS9 to 405 to 20 minsIndivEIndoorsIndoor Navigation in the darkDetails
Chocolate RewardBCS6 to 5010 to 40 minsIndivEAnywhereA rewarding game for someDetails
Cursed NeckerBCS5 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEIn/Out DryA circlular game of tiggyDetails
Dodgeball # 1BCS5 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEAnywhereYou can run but you can't hideDetails
Elephants and Hunters-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEIndoorsEnd of meeting knockout gameDetails
Fill the Gap-CS8 to 255 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryFast action game racing to occupy a vacant chairDetails
Fumball-CS5 to 1010 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryDevelops throwing and catching skillsDetails
Gladiators--S10 to 4015 to 30 minsIndivEIndoorsFind the enemyDetails
Hawser Tug-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsGame of strength played one-on-one or many-on-manyDetails
Head or CatchBCS10 to 405 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereQuiet and simple game with a footballDetails
Hockey-CS6 to 2010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsOne-on-One Tin Plate HockeyDetails
Honest Joes-CS6 to 3660 to 60 minsIndivEEEAnywhereA long gameDetails
Horse and Rider-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereRequires good fast footworkDetails
Indoor Ice Hockey-CS4 to 4010 to 25 minsIndivEEIndoorsGood game to build the excitement at the start of an eveningDetails
Jail Break-CS4 to 405 to 25 minsIndivEEIn/Out DryA lights out gameDetails
Jump The Punch-CS5 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereAn alternative to swing the barrelDetails
Jump!-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereRequires good reactions and good eye / body co-ordinationDetails
Kangroo Sumo--S5 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryNeeds agility on one legDetails
Lateral Thinking--S6 to 3615 to 40 minsIndivEAnywhereA way of breaking ice!Details
Minutes PeaceBCS3 to 505 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereA Quiet GameDetails
Moor House-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsGame of memory speed and agilityDetails
Musical Chairs without music-CS10 to 3010 to 30 minsIndivEAnywhereSit down if you canDetails
N S E W-CS6 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivNoneIn/Out DryA tire them out gameDetails
Neckerchief Tag-CS10 to 255 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereTag with an element of surpriseDetails
Night HuntBCS3 to 3615 to 40 minsIndivEOut NightA seek and find gameDetails
Passing the Keys--S5 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEAnywhereThe key part of this game is the wordsDetails
PigBCS3 to 2010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereDon't be a pigDetails
Pointing CircleBCS10 to 365 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereSimple game of action and reactionDetails
Poison-CS10 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereBoisterous game requiring strength and sound footingDetails
Rupture Cone--S6 to 1615 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereAn old favouriteDetails
Single Stick--S6 to 205 to 20 minsIndivEOut DryGame of skill balance and strengthDetails
Skittle KnockoutBCS10 to 365 to 20 minsIndivEIndoorsA game of speed and accuracyDetails
Sleeping PirateBCS6 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out, DryA sneak up on someone gameDetails
Smash The BarrelBCS5 to 505 to 60 minsIndivEAnywhereAn old favourite - the name may be different!!Details
Staring Circle-CS5 to 205 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereA quick eye opener!Details
Stations-CS5 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsFast version of musical chairs - but needs no music!Details
Sticky ToffeeBCS10 to 2005 to 15 minsIndivNoneIn/Out DryA staying connected gameDetails
SuckersBCS5 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereA very relaxing game at least for LeadersDetails
Suits Race-CS15 to 5015 to 60 minsIndivEIn/Out DryA race against the card suitsDetails
Sumo Wrestling--S6 to 305 to 20 minsIndivEOut DryJust what it sounds likeDetails
Swing the Barrel--S10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEAnywhereDodging a swinging 'barrel'Details
Tag Along--S5 to 5510 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereA game of a big wormDetails
Tangles-CS6 to 365 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereAll in a TangleDetails
The "My Friend" GameBCS15 to 4010 to 15 minsIndivNoneIn/Out, DryA good icebreaker for new members or new leaders - requires good memoryDetails
The Chair GameBCS5 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsGame of fast reactions to see who's the last one outDetails
The Key GameBCS6 to 505 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryThe non-mover winsDetails
The Stave Game-CS10 to 10010 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereA good old gameDetails
The Watch Game-CS10 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEIn/Out DryRequires observation and fast reactionsDetails
Three Knot Relay--S10 to 505 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereTests simple knotting skillsDetails
Three Two OneBCS10 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEIndoorsRequires concentration and good navigation skillsDetails
Three-in-the-Box-CS6 to 3010 to 30 minsIndivEIn/Out DryTactics can outwit speedDetails
TimebombBCS10 to 5010 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsBasic game of 'tag' with a theme thrown inDetails
Tyre Game-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsGame of strength played one-on-oneDetails
Whistle Chase--S10 to 4010 to 30 minsIndivEEOut NightGood idea for patrol night or a wide gameDetails
White Hole--S6 to 1615 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereGame of strength and flourDetails

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