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B Beavers (aged 6 to 8) Players Suggested Number of Players (min. and max.)
C Cubs (aged 8 to 11) Time Time to play in minutes, including set up and tidy away time
S Scouts (aged 11 to 15+) Type Individual or Team Game
    Equipment None = None required; E = Little Equipment; EE = Needs planning; EEE = Major items needed
Location: Anywhere = Indoors or Outdoors; Indoors = Only Indoors; In/Out, Dry = Indoors or Outdoors when dry; Outdoors = Only Outdoors, any weather; Out, Dry = Only Outdoors, only when dry; Out, Night = Outdoors, at night
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Descend Name B C S Players Time Type Equipment Location Comments Details
007BCS8-505-15 minsTeamNoneIn/Out, DryRequires memory and imaginationDetails
1-2-3-CS6 to 305 to 30 minsTeamNoneAnywhere3-2-1 without being knocked outDetails
16 Points of a Compass-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEIndoorsBasic relay game teaching 16 points of the compassDetails
3 Step Tag-CS10 to 2020 to 30 minsIndivEAnywhereTag without the running!Details
A Bit of a HandfulBCS6 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEEAnywhereA little thought and a lot of carryingDetails
A-Z FetchBCS10 to 405 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereFind the LetterDetails
Accurate Observation--S5 to 505 to 25 minsIndivEAnywhereCan be an ice breakerDetails
Acting out the Laws--S10 to 4010 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereA good teaching gameDetails
AlcatrazBCS4 to 205 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereAn alternative to Sleeping PiratesDetails
Alphabet Drama--S5 to 4010 to 20 minsTeamNoneAnywhereA thinking gameDetails
Anagrams-CS6 to 3010 to 30 minTeamEAnywhereDecipher gameDetails
Animal Clapping Game-CS8-1510-20 minIndivNoneAnywhereNeeds a very good memory and sense of rhythmDetails
Ankle Grasp-CS4 to 205 to 15 minIndivEAnywherePush others out of circleDetails
Australian Circle Game-CS6 to 3010 to 30 minIndivEAnywherePass the ballDetails
Backbreaking SkittlesBCS6 to 1610 to 30 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA good game for the upper leg musclesDetails
Backward Trip Race-CS6 to 3010 to 20 minTeamNoneAnywhereRelay in three'sDetails
Ball Between LegsBCS6 to 2010 to 20 minIndivEAnywhereCircle game like soccerDetails
Balloon Baseball-CS8 to 2015 to 30TeamEIndoorsBaseball with a baloonDetails
Balloon TagBCS4 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivEIndoorsThe winner is the last player who gets their balloon stomped!Details
Bash the leader-CS8 to 3215 to 30 minTeamEIndoorsProtect the LeaderDetails
Bat the Balloon-CS5 to 2010 to 20 minTeamEIndoorsPass the balloonDetails
Baton Football-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEEIndoorsOne-on-One using a short baton benches and a footballDetails
Bats and Moths-CS6 to 505 to 60 minsIndivEAnywhereA hopping mad gameDetails
Battleship Kim's Game-CS10 to 3015 to 30 minTeamEEIndoorsKim's game with a battleship themeDetails
Below the KneesBCS10 to 405 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsRequires speed and agility to avoid being hitDetails
Bench Ball 2 V --S12 to 3610 to 25 minsTeamEIn/Out, DryMore complex version of Benchball, but much more fun!Details
Bench Chair Relay--S10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEIn/Out DryRelay race involving baton passing and runningDetails
BenchBallBCS8 to 2010 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out DryBoisterous starter played in two teamsDetails
Biscuits and Balloons--S6 to 2810 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereUnusual game with suspense rather than actionDetails
Blind man's Bacon-CS8 to 3015 to 30 minTeamEIndoorsSquirt opponent while blindfoldedDetails
Blind man's Knot-CS5 to 2010 to 30 minTeamEIndoorsGuess the knotsDetails
Blind Murder-CS10-2010-20 minindivNoneAnywhereQuiet game requiring good observational skillsDetails
Blind Volley Ball-CS8 to 1210 to 30 minsTeamEEAnywhereVolleyball using a tarpaulin instead of a netDetails
Bomb Disposer-CS6 to 3610 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out DryGood team gameDetails
BomballBCS8 to 3010 to 30 minIndivEIndoorsElimination type with foam ballsDetails
Brass Rubbing Race-CSMany15 to 60 minWideEOut, DryLetter scavenger huntDetails
British Bulldog-CS10 to 365 to 20 minsIndivNoneIn/Out DrySafer versions of the original favouriteDetails
BughouseBCS12 to 505 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereTry and not get left in the hot seat!!!Details
BunniesBCS10 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivNoneIn/Out, DryRequires close observation skillsDetails
Candle Fight--S10 to 2010 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA defending and attacking gameDetails
Cannon-CS10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEIndoorsDevelops good throwing skillsDetails
Capture The Flag-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, DryThe Classic wide gameDetails
Card DashBCS4 to 2010 to 20 minsTeamEIndoorsRelay race involving memorising and matching cardsDetails
Card Dash II-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEEIn/Out, DryVariation on card matching game needing good knowledge of map symbolsDetails
Cat and Mouse-CS8 to 305 to 10 minsTeamNoneIndoorsA game of 'cat and mouse' in a human mazeDetails
Catch the ScarfBCS7 to 255 to 60 minsTeamEOutdoorsA good ice breakerDetails
Caterpillar Relay - Heels to Toes-CS10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamNoneAnywhereSimple relay race useful as a time fillerDetails
Caterpillar Relay - Linked-CS10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamNoneAnywhereAnother simple relay race useful as a time fillerDetails
Chair Attack-CS4 to 1005 to 30 minsIndivEEIndoorsA game where you aren't outDetails
Chair Football--S8 to 2010 to 30 minsTeamEIndoorsA slower version of footballDetails
Chairball-CS4 to 365 to 30 minsIndivEEIndoorsRequires fast reflexes and a good kicking footDetails
Chalk Circle #1-CS9 to 405 to 20 minsTeamEIndoorsA variation on Chalk RugbyDetails
Chalk Circle #2-CS9 to 405 to 20 minsIndivEIndoorsIndoor Navigation in the darkDetails
Chalk Rugby--S4 to 305 to 20 minsTeamEEIndoorsAn ingenious cross between basketball and tagDetails
Chocolate RewardBCS6 to 5010 to 40 minsIndivEAnywhereA rewarding game for someDetails
Circular Juggling-CS8 to 3015 to 25 minsTeamEIn/Out DryNeeds good coordination by allDetails
Clothes Line-CS10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryGood 'ice breaker'Details
Colour FetchBCS10 to 405 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereFind the colourDetails
CornerballBCS4 to 405 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereUseful starter game played in numbered teamsDetails
Crab FootballBCS8 to 1610 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereGood old standbyDetails
Crocodile Pit-CS8 to 365 to 25 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA basic survival gameDetails
Crows Crabs Cranes--S10 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEIndoorsRequires good listening skills and fast reflexesDetails
Cursed NeckerBCS5 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEIn/Out DryA circlular game of tiggyDetails
Diagonal RelayBCS10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEIn/Out DryTeam relay game requiring agilityDetails
Dizzy--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEAnywhereRelay game requiring balance and speedDetails
Dizzy Football-CS8 to 2510 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereDoesn't need football skillsDetails
Dodgeball # 1BCS5 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEAnywhereYou can run but you can't hideDetails
Dodgeball Circle--S10 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereQuick and simple ball game - good time fillerDetails
Dodgeball Length--S10 to 505 to 20 minsTeamEEAnywhereMore complicated game of 'Dodgeball'Details
Dog and Bone-CS10 to 305 to 25 minsTeamEIndoorsRequires speed stealth and strategyDetails
Double Your Money-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, DryA merchant type gameDetails
Duck and Egg-CS15 to 505 to 20 minsTeamEEAnywhereRequires good throwing and catching skillsDetails
Eddylong BallBCS15 to 2515 to 25 minsTeamEIndoorsHead the ball and runDetails
Electric Supply--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEAnywhereTeam relay game requiring good throwing and catching skillsDetails
Elephant Hunt-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, DryScavenger type huntDetails
Elephants and Hunters-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEIndoorsEnd of meeting knockout gameDetails
England Ireland Scotland Wales-CS9 to 405 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out Dry4 Cornered Rugby!Details
Family BusBCS12 to 3610 to 30 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryA game with a storyDetails
Fill the Gap-CS8 to 255 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryFast action game racing to occupy a vacant chairDetails
Fire-CS10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereGood game to close the eveningDetails
First Aid Improvisation-CS8 to 2510 to 20 minsTeamEEAnywhereTests first aid skillsDetails
Flying Saucers-CS5 to 505 to 20 minsTeamEEAnywhereRequires good team workDetails
Football around the cone relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEAnywhereTeam relay game requiring good ball controlDetails
Football Frisbee-CS10 to 2010 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereSoccer using frisbees instead of ballsDetails
Frog Relay-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamNoneIndoorsA basic 'wheelbarrow' race held as a relayDetails
Fumball-CS5 to 1010 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryDevelops throwing and catching skillsDetails
Funny FacesBCS5 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA Fun Drawing GameDetails
Funny Firemen--S6 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEEAnywhereSounds amusing to watchDetails
Game Of Life-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideNoneOut, DryThe Classic Life gameDetails
Gladiators--S10 to 4015 to 30 minsIndivEIndoorsFind the enemyDetails
Grand Prix--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEAnywhereRelay game based on Grand Prix racingDetails
Haggis Hunt-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, drySearch for Haggis eggsDetails
Hall Volleyball-CS10 to 145 to 20 minsTeamEEIn/Out, DryIndoors or quieter outdoors version of VolleyballDetails
Hank Rugby-CS4 to 205 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereA slow no contact version of rugbyDetails
Hat Ball Chicken!!!-CS10 to 305 to 20 minsTeamEEIn/Out DryIt helps team building!!Details
Hawser Tug-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsGame of strength played one-on-one or many-on-manyDetails
Head or CatchBCS10 to 405 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereQuiet and simple game with a footballDetails
Hockey-CS6 to 2010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsOne-on-One Tin Plate HockeyDetails
Holding your waterBCS4 to 5010 to 30 minsTeamEOut DryCatch the bomb and get wetDetails
Honest Joes-CS6 to 3660 to 60 minsIndivEEEAnywhereA long gameDetails
Hopping Relay-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamNoneAnywhereAnother good time filler requiring no equipmentDetails
Horse and Jockey-CS8 to 3610 to 25 minsTeamEIn/Out DryRace needing speed and agilityDetails
Horse and Rider-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereRequires good fast footworkDetails
Human Basketball-CS10 to 5020 to 30 minsTeamEIndoorsGood for throwing and catchingDetails
Hunt & Chase-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryChase and capture another teamDetails
Hunt the Leader--S9 to 5060 to 60 minsTeamEEOutdoorsA dressing up game for Leaders!!!Details
Indoor Ice Hockey-CS4 to 4010 to 25 minsIndivEEIndoorsGood game to build the excitement at the start of an eveningDetails
Jail Break-CS4 to 405 to 25 minsIndivEEIn/Out DryA lights out gameDetails
Jail Break-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideNoneOut, dryCops and Robbers chase gameDetails
Johnny on the Pony-CS6 to 205 to 15 minsTeamNoneIn/Out, DrySimple game with teams playing 'bucking bronco' Details
Jump Stick Relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEAnywhereRequires speed timing and team co-ordinationDetails
Jump The Punch-CS5 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereAn alternative to swing the barrelDetails
Jump the Rope-CS10 to 2510 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereA game of reaction and agilityDetails
Jump!-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereRequires good reactions and good eye / body co-ordinationDetails
Kangroo Sumo--S5 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryNeeds agility on one legDetails
Kim's Wide Game-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryCollecting previously seen itemsDetails
Ladder of LegsBCS10 to 4010 to 30 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryRequires agility and some bravery on the part of those sitting down!Details
Lamp Chicane-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryGet to the other team's baseDetails
Lateral Thinking--S6 to 3615 to 40 minsIndivEAnywhereA way of breaking ice!Details
Light the Candle--S10 to 5020 to 30 minsTeamEEIndoorsRequires good Patrol skills and close workingDetails
Long Distance Chinese Whispers-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryRelay a message over a distanceDetails
Map Sign Relay-CS10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEEIn/Out DryRelay race based on map symbolsDetails
Map Symbol Call my Bluff-CS6-305-20 minsTeamEEIn/Out, DryFun way of teaching map symbolsDetails
Merchants-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryTrade items for moneyDetails
Minutes PeaceBCS3 to 505 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereA Quiet GameDetails
Mixed Up Names--S10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryFind a person and do an activityDetails
Moor House-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsGame of memory speed and agilityDetails
MortBall--S4 to 5010 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereA numbered team game where everyone playsDetails
Movement Quiz-CS10 to 4015 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereQuestions about ScoutingDetails
Mowglis Card Game-CS14 to 5015 to 30 minsTeamEOutdoorsA wide gameDetails
Mr. Spongee man-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryGet colours or lose themDetails
Murder Ball--S4 to 365 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out, DryThe traditional rough gameDetails
Murder Ball 2--S10 to 365 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereA game of defence and attackDetails
Murderer--S5 to 505 to 30 minsTeamNoneAnywhereScouts should have Good ObservationDetails
Musical Chairs without music-CS10 to 3010 to 30 minsIndivEAnywhereSit down if you canDetails
N S E W-CS6 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivNoneIn/Out DryA tire them out gameDetails
National Grid--S10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEEIn/Out DryGood game to test knowledge of grid co-ordinatesDetails
Naval Combat (Nigel's Navy)-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryOutdoor game of battleshipDetails
Navigation Join-the-dots--S5 to 505 to 20 minsTeamEEAnywhereDot to Dot the Scouting wayDetails
Neckerchief Tag-CS10 to 255 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereTag with an element of surpriseDetails
Night HuntBCS3 to 3615 to 40 minsIndivEOut NightA seek and find gameDetails
No Man's Land--S4 to 365 to 20 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryA tough teamwork gameDetails
Nose Breaker-CS10 to 2610 to 20 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryOne on one competition - more violent than mostDetails
Not in my PatchBCS10 to 3010 to 15 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA through it away gamesDetails
Noughts and Crosses Plus!-CS10 to 405 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out DryEncourages quick thinkingDetails
Numbers Relay-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEIndoorsBasic relay game based upon quickly finding consequetive numbersDetails
Obstacle Relay-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEEAnywhereAdventurous game which can be played at any timeDetails
Operation Codebuster--S10 to 3045 to 60 minsTeamEEOutdoorsA Widegame with CBsDetails
Over the Rope-CS8 to 3010 to 30 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA variation on Volley BallDetails
Owls and CrowsBCS10 to 405 to 15 minsTeamNoneAnywhereGood test of knowledge and reactionsDetails
Paper Plane RaceBCS10 to 4010 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereA test of engineering skillsDetails
Pass The MessageBCS5 to 505 to 15 minsTeamNoneAnywhereSpot the message as it travelsDetails
Passing the Keys--S5 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEAnywhereThe key part of this game is the wordsDetails
Penfold-CS6 to 305 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereA very simplegame!Details
PigBCS3 to 2010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereDon't be a pigDetails
Piggyback Relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamNoneIndoorsBasic piggy back relay gameDetails
Pirates-CS10 to 3020 to 30 minsTeamEEEAnywhereA game of 'tag off ground' using various equipmentDetails
Planting SeedsBCS6 to 3610 to 30 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA slow way of feeding CubsDetails
Pointing CircleBCS10 to 365 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereSimple game of action and reactionDetails
Poison-CS10 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereBoisterous game requiring strength and sound footingDetails
Postman Game-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryLong distance mailing lettersDetails
Press Up Relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamNoneAnywhereSimple game - great for an inter patrol time fillerDetails
Prisons-CS18 to 3615 to 30 minsTeamEIndoorsA simple ball game!Details
Progressive Push--S8 to 305 to 15 minsTeamEIndoorsThe strongest should win!Details
Promise and Law Relay-CS10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEEIn/Out DryRelay race based on the Scout Promise and LawDetails
Pull the Elephant-CS4 to 205 to 15 minsTeamEIndoorsRace based on ropeworkDetails
Quadrants-CS8 to 2010 to 20 minsTeamEEIndoorsFast and furious ball gameDetails
Raiders--S6 to 305 to 20 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryHit and run version of team tagDetails
Ready for Camp--S6 to 5015 to 30 minsTeamEEAnywhereA good teaching gameDetails
Remote Knotting--S10 to 4010 to 30 minsTeamEEAnywhereA test of knot tyingDetails
Reverse Jigsaw Relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEEIndoorsReconstructing a reverse image of the Scout PromiseDetails
Road Sign Relay-CS10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEEIn/Out DryRelay race based on knowledge of road signsDetails
Rockets and Interceptors-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEEOut, dryFill the bucket with missilesDetails
Rupture Cone--S6 to 1615 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereAn old favouriteDetails
Scout-Staff Treasure Hunt--S10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, drySearch for parts of a stove and make TeaDetails
SharksBCS8 to 505 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereA games of co-operationDetails
Shatter the Patrol Leader--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamNoneIndoorsRelay game in which the PL does ALL the running!Details
ShintyBCS4 to 3010 to 30 minsTeamEIndoorsDifferent version of the popular 'ice hockey' gameDetails
Single Stick--S6 to 205 to 20 minsIndivEOut DryGame of skill balance and strengthDetails
Skipper Lee's Bean Bag Game-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamEIndoorsRequires accurate throwingDetails
Skittle-CS8 to 505 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA quick gameDetails
Skittle Football--S10 to 205 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereFootball without goalsDetails
Skittle KnockoutBCS10 to 365 to 20 minsIndivEIndoorsA game of speed and accuracyDetails
Skittle Relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEIndoorsSimple relay running game needing a minimum of equipmentDetails
Slam Dunk--S10 to 2010 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereA mad run-about gameDetails
Sleeping PirateBCS6 to 3010 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out, DryA sneak up on someone gameDetails
Smarties--S10 to 405 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereA good party gameDetails
Smash The BarrelBCS5 to 505 to 60 minsIndivEAnywhereAn old favourite - the name may be different!!Details
Smugglers--S10 to 2010 to 30 minsTeamEOut NightGood as a brief game or as a wide gameDetails
Smugglers and Spies-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEEOut, drySmuggle messsage to other sideDetails
Snake Race--S8 to 365 to 15 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA test of sheer lashingsDetails
SnowballsBCS10 to 3620 to 30 minsTeamEEAnywhereA lot of harmless funDetails
Spiders Web--S10 to 4010 to 30 minsTeamEEAnywhereTiggy with a tethered itDetails
Spokes-CS17 to 505 to 15 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryA good running around game requiring no equipmentDetails
Sponge VolleyballBCS2 to 1215 to 60 minsTeamEEOut DryA great way to get wetDetails
Spoons--S6 to 505 to 60 minsTeamEAnywhereA games of Speed and TacticsDetails
Stagger Relay--S10 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereMakes players dizzy running in tight circles - great fun!Details
Stalking-CS8 to 5030 to 60 minsTeamEEOutdoorsA wide game with spiesDetails
Staring Circle-CS5 to 205 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereA quick eye opener!Details
Stations-CS5 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsFast version of musical chairs - but needs no music!Details
Stave Hockey-CS10 to 265 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereOne-on-One using a scout stave and a footballDetails
Stepping StonesBCS6 to 2420 to 35 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA games of co-operationDetails
Sticky ToffeeBCS10 to 2005 to 15 minsIndivNoneIn/Out DryA staying connected gameDetails
SuckersBCS5 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereA very relaxing game at least for LeadersDetails
Suits Race-CS15 to 5015 to 60 minsIndivEIn/Out DryA race against the card suitsDetails
Sumo Wrestling--S6 to 305 to 20 minsIndivEOut DryJust what it sounds likeDetails
Swedish Cat & MouseBCS10 to 405 to 30 minsTeamNoneAnywhereA game that could never endDetails
Swing the Barrel--S10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEAnywhereDodging a swinging 'barrel'Details
Swingrope--S10 to 4010 to 30 minsTeamEEIndoorsDodgeball with a tethered ballDetails
Table Cricket-CS10 to 6010 to 50 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA quiet game of cricketDetails
Tag Along--S5 to 5510 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereA game of a big wormDetails
Tails team version--S6 to 5010 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereModified team game of 'tag'Details
Tangles-CS6 to 365 to 20 minsIndivNoneAnywhereAll in a TangleDetails
Target--S10 to 5020 to 30 minsTeamEEAnywhereRequires good balance and some braveryDetails
The "My Friend" GameBCS15 to 4010 to 15 minsIndivNoneIn/Out, DryA good icebreaker for new members or new leaders - requires good memoryDetails
The "Who Are You" GameBCS15-2515-25 minTeamNoneAnywhereA good ice breaker at the start of a meetingDetails
The Bomb Mission--S12 to 3630 to 60 minsTeamEEOutdoorsAn explosive wide gameDetails
The Chair GameBCS5 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsGame of fast reactions to see who's the last one outDetails
The Duster GameBCS20 to 3015 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out DryRequires quick wits and planningDetails
The Key GameBCS6 to 505 to 20 minsIndivEIn/Out DryThe non-mover winsDetails
The Minute Game BCS1 to 1005 to 05 minsTeamEIn/Out, DryA calming down gameDetails
The News Quiz-CS6-1810 to 20 minsTeamEIn/Out, DryQuiz based up the contents of a recent newspaperDetails
The Old Willow TreeBCS5 to 505 to 30 minsTeamEIn/Out DryRequires good team work and strategyDetails
The Pea GameBCS10 to 3010 to 20 minsTeamEEIndoorsTeaches basic food gathering!Details
The Stave Game-CS10 to 10010 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereA good old gameDetails
The Stick Game-CS10 to 405 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereRequires speed and strategy to win a point for your teamDetails
The Watch Game-CS10 to 305 to 15 minsIndivEIn/Out DryRequires observation and fast reactionsDetails
Three Chair Relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEIn/Out DryRelay race involving moving from chair to chairDetails
Three Knot Relay--S10 to 505 to 15 minsIndivEAnywhereTests simple knotting skillsDetails
Three Two OneBCS10 to 505 to 10 minsIndivEIndoorsRequires concentration and good navigation skillsDetails
Three-in-the-Box-CS6 to 3010 to 30 minsIndivEIn/Out DryTactics can outwit speedDetails
Tic-Tac-Toe-in-a-Row-CS10 to 5015 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereA paper game using Scouts!Details
Tight Squeeze-CS10 to 4010 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereHelps develop good spacial awarenessDetails
Timber Hitch Tug --S2 to 205 to 60 minsTeamEEAnywhereTug of war which tests hitch tying skillsDetails
TimebombBCS10 to 5010 to 15 minsIndivEIndoorsBasic game of 'tag' with a theme thrown inDetails
Tin SoldiersBCS5 to 505 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereCommunications can be entertainingDetails
Towers-CS12 to 365 to 15 minsTeamEIn/Out DryA running and stacking gameDetails
Trading Post-CS5 to 5060 to 60 minsTeamEEEIn/Out DryGood Test of Scouting SkillsDetails
Triple Cone Game--S5 to 255 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereA battle of the strongest!Details
Troglodytes (Burning Bridges, Murder In The Dark)-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryLike Capture the Flag, at nightDetails
Trust--S15 to 3010 to 30 minsTeamEAnywhereOne way to build trustDetails
Tug-O-WarBCS10 to 5015 to 30 minsTeamEIn/Out DryTraditional game of Tug O' WarDetails
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle DumBCS6 to 205 to 10 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryRequires players not to laugh in strange circumstancesDetails
Tyre Game-CS10 to 5010 to 20 minsIndivEEIndoorsGame of strength played one-on-oneDetails
Ultimate Frisbee-CS4 to 3015 to 45 minsTeamEAnywhereRequires good throwing and catching skillsDetails
Vampires-CS10 to 3020 to 60 minsTeamEEOut NightThe Ultimate Wide GameDetails
VikingsBCS10 to 5010 to 20 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryA fun game for allDetails
Walk the Plank-CS10 to 245 to 30 minsTeamEEAnywhereRace using planks as 'team skis'Details
Water Ferrying Wide Game-CS12 to 3220 to 40 minsTeamEEOutdoorsTests the hearing skills of the teamsDetails
Wheel Barrow Relay--S10 to 505 to 10 minsTeamNoneIn/Out DryTraditional wheelbarrow race run as a relayDetails
Whistle Chase--S10 to 4010 to 30 minsIndivEEOut NightGood idea for patrol night or a wide gameDetails
White Hole--S6 to 1615 to 20 minsIndivEAnywhereGame of strength and flourDetails
Will-O'-The-Wisp (Stalking)--S10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryCross-country capture the lanternDetails
Word Search Relay-CS10 to 305 to 15 minsTeamEAnywhereA search for wordsDetails
Wrap the KeaBCS5 to 405 to 20 minsTeamEAnywhereFun game requiring a 'volunteer' to be wrapped in toiler paperDetails
Zig Zag Relay-CS16 to 505 to 10 minsTeamEAnywhereDevelops good ball skillsDetails
Zorch (Much like Troglodytes)-CS10 to 5015 to 60 minWideEOut, dryTry to get the pot without getting zappedDetails

(0-257) of 257