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A Scoutmaster's Alphabet

A is for Adventure. Keep the adventure in your Troop meetings. Vary your program and throw a twist into your routine Troop activities.
B is for Boys. Remember that the program is for the boys, that they should be planning the Troop meetings. Let them have input into the program. Remember the Court of Honour?
C is for Camping. The best rule is Quality, not Quantity. Why have the same old type of camp, time after time. Throw in a different type of camp, or at a different location.
D is for Discipline. A well-behaved Troop does more. A Scouter is more apt to try new things when he doesn't have to fight to control the Troop.
E is for Excitement. An excited Scout comes back and maybe even brings a friend or two.
F is for Freedom. Give Scouts the freedom to make mistakes. They learn by doing, but be sure to back them up to prevent discouragement.
G is for God. Remember that belief in God was one of the founding principles of B.P.
H is for Headache. All good Scoutmasters have had a healthy share of these, but they are quickly forgotten, due to the large numbers of successes.
I is for Interest. Take a sincere interest in all of your boys. Let them know you care.
J is for Joke. Don't be afraid to joke with the boys. As long as you set the ground rules, and they know when to stop.
K is for Ketchup. The sixth food group. A must for all camp menus.
L is for Leadership. Learn how to be a good leader, and how to teach your boys good leadershp skills.
M is for Macaroni and Cheese. It goes great with "K".
N is for Nutella. Ever tried it with salt and vinegar chips? Nachos? Tang? Ask a Venturer or Rover.
O is for Opinions. Set an environment where everyone is comfortable stating their opinions.
P is for Parents. Keep them informed, and actively involved.
Q is for Quiet. Oh get'll never get it.
R is for Routine. Be careful, for falling into a set routine instills boredom.
S is for Shorts. Does anyone really wear them anymore?
T is for Training. Trained Leaders provide a better program for our Scouts.
U is for Understanding. Don't be caught understanding a skunk.
V is for Venturers. The next galaxy beyond Scouts.
W is for Wilderness. You remember, the great outdoors, camping, hiking, bears, skunks....
X is for Xylophone. Got any Scouts that play them?
Y is for Youth. If we didn't have any youth, we wouldn't be Scout Leaders.
Z is for Zero. No-one has really camped unless they've experienced below zero (Fahrenheit) conditions.

If you have your own alphabet, please send it to me.

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