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Greater Toronto Region Camps



Crickets chirp at dusk.
A loon cries its lonely call across the mirror smooth lake.
Your campfire crackles and sparks spiral upwards into the darkness.
The forest is still. You are alone.

Would you like to spend nights like these in a wilderness camp? Learn how to survive in the bush? Paddle a canoe? Or go on an overnight hike?

- Through camping you can explore all these activities and more. You gain a unique opportunity to learn about the natural enviroment, work closely with others as part of a team, and develop confidence in your skills and abilities.

- North of Toronto Canada, the Greater Toronto Region (GTR) of Scouts Canada offers three camping opportunities in a region of prime, Canadian wilderness- Haliburton, Woodland Trails, and Oba-Sa-Teeka. Here lands of solitude and unspoiled beauty beckon you to discover and enjoy.

- You can also explore the many sites and sounds of Toronto. Visit the Skydome (Home of the 1993/94 world Series Champion Blue Jays), CN Tower (the worlds tallest observation tower), and Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park.

- New experiences await all who visit here, so come explore the adventures we offer.


GIF Map (12K) of Haliburton Scout Reserve.

A Wilderness Camping Experience

- Haliburton Scout Reserve is a paridise for Scouts of all ages. Located 250 kms (150 miles) north of Toronto, this 5000 acre reserve is richly forested and has 13 sparkling lakes providing wilderness homes for many animals, birds and fish. The camp invites campers of all skill levels, from novice to the most experienced woodsman.

- Centered around Lake Kennabi, Haliburton reserve offers 24 campsites, 22 of which are accessible only by water, and are surrounded by a world of breath taking scenery. The reserve has been developed to provide Scouts with the most enjoyable camping experience possible. Your camp covers a 7 day period and is comprised of a variety of activities from the land and water programs offered. YOU decide what you would like to do, and choose the activities which most suit your needs and interests.

- Experienced, fully trained staff offer comprehensive water and land programs. From canoeing, kayaking and swimming, to the supervised use of archery and rifle ranges, the program can easily fill your week. Miles of marked trails allow you to visit uninhabited wilderness to watch eagles soaring above our Pikes Peak, and to fish Haliburton's pristine lakes.

- Clean outdoor washrooms, emergancy telephones, row boats and canoes are standard features of each site. Sailboats, kayaks and regatta boats are also available.

- This wilderness camp has Emergancy First Aid Facilities with both a nurse and doctor in residence. There is also a fully stocked store to satisfy your food needs.

- At Haliburton Scout Reserve the possibilities are limited only by your energies and immagination. Come visit for the memories of a lifetime!


GIF Map (31K) of Woodland Trails Scout Camp.

A Camp for All Seasons

- Woodland Trails is best described as a beautiful 275 acre expanse of forest and wildlife habitat. The camp offers five fully serviced lodges with full washroom, cooking, eating and sleeping facilities.

- For more adventurous campers, Woodland Trails offers tented villages or open campsites designed for groups of various sizes. All the villages have clean, modern, outdoor washrooms, running water, and sheltered eating areas. The camp is wheelchair accessible, has an olympic size swimming pool (attended by lifeguards during the swimming season) and an obstacle course. Wintertime offers groomed cross country ski trails.

- Open year round, this camp is located 50 klms (30 miles) northeast of Toronto; less than an hour's drive from the city's core. It is a perfect stop off for groups heading to Haliburton. And it's an affordable, convenient place to stay while exploring the world-class city of Toronto with its many, many attractions.


GIF Map (28K) of Oba-Sa-Teeka Scout Camp.

Unique, Exciting, Adventure

- Oba-Sa-Teeka is an indian name meaning whispering poplars. this camp is truly a camp for all seasons and for all levels of Scouting groups.

- As in Woodland Trails, the camp is wheelchair accessible, and accommodations include lodges, tented villages and open campsites, all with the same washroom, cooking and eating facilities described previously. An added feature is the Railway Caboose theme site with three authentic railway cars; two for sleeping and the third for cooking and eating.

- Oba-Sa-Teeka's 215 acre site is located 60 kms (35 miles) north of Toronto. Popular summer activities include swimming in the olympic size pool and riding the Aerial Runway to the bottom of one of the camp's deep ravines. Wintertime offers campers the chance to build snowhuts and lean-to's for overnight stays, and to enjoy snowshoeing and cross country skiing on the many trails available throughout the area.


- The Region operates two composite summer camps, Adventureland for Cubs, and Ken-Na-Bic for Scouts. These camps give Cubs and Scouts the oppurtunity to attend camp without their groups. Further information is available through the Camping Department.


For further Information (a colour pamphlet is available) and Reservations, please contact the Camping Department at the Scout Service Centre:

265 Yorkland Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario Canada M2J 5C7
Phone: 1-(800) 263-0930
(416) 490-6364
Fax: (416) 490-6911

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