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Gone Home

It is my sad duty to inform all in GTR of the passing away of Robbie Engel. Robbie was involved in Scouting in GTR for as long as this Scouter can remember, and was involved with anything that needed to be done. He played a very large part in the Jewish Advisory Committee, Star Santa Claus Boxes, Hospitality, Popcorn, Special Events, in short, almost everything. He had one of the warmest hearts that you could find in any person, and always had a kind word for everyone he met. His dedication and commitment will be sorely missed throughout all of GTR. He reached out and touched the hearts of many, and I for one feel honoured that I enjoyed the pleasure of his company. God has taken away from us one of those true gems of a human being, and I thank God that I was allowed to enjoy one of His special treasures. [The Webmaster]

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