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Scouts Canada - Greater Toronto Region

265 Yorkland Ave.
North York, Ontario
M2J 5C7
(416) 490-6364
Fax (416) 490-6911
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Who's Who at the Greater Toronto Region

President: Adrian Barker
Executive Director: John Plumidore
Regional Commissioner: Rick Blakely

For Information Regarding:Contact: Extension
Action Toronto AwardArea Commissioners.
Administration Concerns. 222
Adventureland (Cub Composite). 242
Adult Service Enquiries - General. 225
Awards/Service Pins. 237
Apple Day. 244
Audio-Visual Equipment. 237
Black Creek Pioneer Village. 243
C.N.E. Service Corps. 243
Camping. 233
Charge Certificates. 233
Chief Scout AwardsScout Shop248/249
Donations. 222
Executive Director. 230
Haliburton Club. 239
Honours & Awards. 237
Hospitality . 246
Insurance Enquiries - GeneralField Executives.
International Letters of Introduction. 237
Jamborees. 244
Jewish Advisory Committee. 246
Legal ConcernsField Executives.
Marketing. 244
Media Calls & Public Relations. 244
Mix-Fix/Camps. 233
Queen's Venturer AwardsScout Shop248/249
Registration Enquiries. 225
School TalksField Executives.
Scouting Centre. 233
Scouting News. 453
Special Events (Apple Day, etc.). 244
Tour Permits. 237
Training Courses (Reg. & Info.). 237
ScouTrees. 244
Volunteers - GeneralField Executives.
Field Executives:. 234/236/240

All of the above information, as well as the names associated with the above extensions, were available in Scouting News. Be aware though, that some personnel changes may have occurred since that time.

Disclaimer: Anything posted to this Home Page
are the opinions of the individuals who posted them
and are not the views of Scouts Canada.