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Welcome to the NEW! main page of GTRSI.COM

Scouts Canada has now (quietly) introduced a Duty of Care Policy. Check it out and stay updated and informed.

Annual Scouter's Conference 2002
- to suggest sessions, displays and/or new ideas contact

Make sure your Section/Group is listed in the Canadian Links at - Email the Webmaster with your URL.

Check out the new Internet Guidelines proposed by Your comments are welcome.

Is Scouts Canada National Council undertaking a Uniform Review?

Need First Aid Training in GTR? Get Trained by Scouters! (Info and Prices)

Have your say on any of Issues affecting Canadian Scouting on the SCOUTSCAN or SCOUTSCAN-Issues Discussion lists.

There are so many new resources lately, that only links pertinent to GTR Scouting are posted now on the GTRSI Resources page. To access an Amazing list of Scouting Resources, check out the Resources Page. As usual, if you have anything interesting that should be included on the GTRSI Resources page - you guessed it! - Email me!

The "Official" GTR Webpage has finally been updated. This is the first time in a long time. Let's hope that it remains active and is continued to be updated.

YIS - Kevin D. Nickson

Amnesty International

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