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Home Repair

Purpose: Show the ability to make home repairs.


1) Be able to identify trouble and make the necessary repairs to four home projects. (ie. leaking faucet)
2) Demonstrate the safety precautions required for each project.
3) Show how to safely operate and maintain any three hand tools and any two power tools used in your home repair projects.
4) In all projects be able to demonstrate that you have finished the job in a competent manner, and have cleaned up the tools and the job site.


Purpose: Show an interest in building objects.


1. Build at least two objects from scratch, no pre-cut or pre-formed kits to be used.
2. Demonstrate safe handling of materials and tools used in your project.


Purpose: Show an interest in planning and cooking nutritious meals.


1. a) Demonstrate a knowledge of the food groups as outlined in the Canada Food Guide.
b) Give examples of foods in each food group, including information on the energy and nutritional values and their effects on the body.
c) Explain the importance of three balanced meals a day, as well as the body's daily need for fluid intake.
2. Demonstrate a knowledge of appropriate hygiene practices associated with meal preparation and after meal clean-up.
3. Prepare a menu for your Patrol for a weekend camp. Discuss with your Patrol the reasons for your menu choices, such as nutritional values, ease of preparation, variety, transportation.
4. Demonstrate a knowledge of safety requirements associated with cooking appliances and food storage, used both in the home and the out-of-doors.
5. Prepare a menu and cook a meal for your patrol, out-of-doors.
6. Prepare a menu and cook a meal for your family, at home.

Family Care

Purpose: Show an interest in personal responsiblity for your family.


1. Show that you are able to look after yourself. your home, and your family for a short period of time.
a) Be able to safely operate the appliances in your home; example stove, microwave, oven, vacuum, washing machine, etc.
b) Be able to plan, purchase, and prepare a meal
c) Keep your home neat and clean.
2. Explain and be able to carry out the daily routine of running your family home, ie. wake-up time, meal time, family chores, bed time, etc.
3. Because family sickness may be the reason for you to have to look after the home, show also that you have a general knowledge of looking after people who are sick, the principles of personal cleanliness, and home sanitation.

Note: Satisfactory completion of a "Babysitting Course" or a "Home Nursing" course will qualify you for this badge.

Pet Care

Purpose: Show an interest and ability in maintaining a healthy pet.


1) Look after a pet for at least six months.
2) Show the required feeding, grooming, exercise, affection and training that this pet needs.
3) Know the laws in your community that apply to you keeping a pet.
4) Show that you understand what is considered cruelty to animals.
5) Explain the relationship between domesticated pets and wild animals; health risks, communicable disease, etc.
6) Visit a veterinary hospital or equivalent to learn about active and preventive services available to your pet.


Purpose: Demonstrate a knowledge of safety.


1. Show how to get help. (Police, Fire, Ambulance.)
2. Explain classes of fires and how to use different types of fire extinguishers.
3. Demonstrate the safety aspects and differences between fuses and circuit breakers.
4. Show what to do in case of a fire. Plan escape routes for your home or meeting place. Include the location of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.
5. Make a list of fire hazards in your home and meeting place.
6. Demonstrate how and why to store medicines, cleaning aids and flammable materials. Know the hazard symbols.
7. Demonstrate the basic "Rules of the Road" for bicycling.
8. Show how to avoid and treat carbon monoxide poisoning.
9. Identify common poisonous plants in your area, and how to treat symptoms.

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