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Leave No Trace

My name is Charlie Thorpe and I am a volunteer Scouter within BSA. I have been involved in teaching the "Leave No Trace" (LNT) minimum impact backcountry-use program since '93. I have especially enjoyed presenting LNT within Scouting.

I posted an updated introduction to LNT as a series of 15 messages to Scouts-L last spring.

The set looks like:

Too often, in an effort to keep things simple, discussions about the program focus on just the "Principles"...leaving out all the good stuff that tries to explain why the basic principles look the way they do. The "Principles" themselves are also a moving target.

This series of LNT messages is slightly different from the ones posted on Scouts-L and other lists (distance hiking, backpacking, etc.). Each time I post I learn a lot and suggestions resulting from good list discussions always help tweak the series into being easier to read.

I particularly want to get feedback from ScoutsCan-L on LNT (in general) and on the way that LNT is presented in this set of messages. The formal LNT program is becoming international (stop by the LNT exhibit at the World Jamboree in Chile!)

I really would appreciate some help in making the set more user-friendly to all Scout movements. Let me know what you think!

Yours In Scouting,

- Charlie Thorpe

LNT Website

You can also write to Charlie directly at: (Charlie Thorpe)

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