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The Insignificant Pin

Scouter's Five Cut-outs
The Leader, March 1990

Scouter Anne Barbour, 1st McGregor Cubs, Essex, Ont., shared this Scouts' Own yarn.

Let me show you something I have in my pocket. It's not very big. In fact, I can almost lose it in my pocket.

Ah, here it is--a safety pin. It came from the bottom of the trinket box that sits on my counter and collects tiny things I can't find a use for at the moment, like paper clips and thumb tacks and screws. You'll find a pin like this one at home --maybe in a sewing basket or dresser drawer or even in a trinket box like mine.

Now when you look at this tiny piece of metal, it seems very insignificant. And, sometimes, that is just the way we feel in this big bustling world. Right now, this pin and the pins you have tucked away at home don't have a purpose. One day that will change though.

Perhaps you will be rushing off somewhere and, at the very last minute, you will realize that there's a button missing from your coat. You won't have time to search for a matching button and sew it on, so your mother will say, "Go to my sewing basket (or dresser drawer or trinket box) and get a safety pin." The pin will be waiting and it will hold together your coat wonderfully until you can find a button and sew it on.

If you ever feel like this safety pin--as if you have no purpose--remember that, one day, when you least expect it, your time will come. You will have a chance to do something worthwhile, some little helpful thing that will be very important to someone.

Your job is to be prepared for that moment. Then, when your chance comes along, you will be ready to do your best to help out. I think you will be surprised to find how often those opportunities to help will pop up, if you are prepared to meet them.

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