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Scouts Canada
Greater Toronto Region
Sunnybrook Area

News and Information - September 1999


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Scouts Canada - Mission Statement

To contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities through the application of our Principles and Practices.

To all returning Section Scouters and Group Committee members in the Sunnybrook Area, your service team welcomes you to an exciting new Scouting year. Please pass this information to any new Scouters in your group

Silver Cross Award

In November 1999, Brian McWilliams will be awarded the Silver Cross for gallantry by the Chief Scout of Canada at a ceremony in Ottawa. Brian was a Venturer with the 2nd Don Mill's Venturer Company. In 1996, Brian's quick action and courageous act of gallantry resulted in a life being saved.

Congratulations Brian

Medal for Good Service

Cyril Singer, Scouter with the 58th Toronto Scout Group has been awarded the Medal for Good Service for his commitment and dedication to Scouting. Cyril will be formally presented with his well deserved award at the Council's Adult Recognition Ceremony which will be held in March 2000.

Congratulations Cyril

Training News

The following Scouters have recently completed Woodbadge Part II Training Courses. These Scouters will be formally recognized and will be presented with their well earned Woodbadges during the fall 1999.

o Faten Salman541st TorontoColony
o Leila Arnin541st TorontoPack
o Patricia Walshe23rd TorontoTroop
o Terri PieperService TeamService

Congratulations Scouters

Area Part I Colony Training Course - Fall 1999

We have planned an Area Colony Woodbadge Part I Training Course on the four Wednesday evenings (7:00 PM to 10:00 PM) in October 1999 (October 6, 13, 20 and 27)

Please note that training is an essential step in the adult screening process.

Registrar: Ches Marshall 416-447-6224

Area Scouting Activities - Spring / Summer 1999

In July 1999 14 members of the 2nd Don Mills Scout Troop traveled to Nottingham, England for an exchange at the invitation of the 1st Wilford Sea Scout group

In July 1999 11 members of the 14th Scarboro West Venturer Company traveled to Denmark to attend the Blue Summer '99 Jamboree at the invitation of the Soendermark Gruppe, Absalon Division (Danish Scouting)

In April 1999, 22 members of the l75th Cub Pack and Scout Troop traveled to Buffalo, New York to visit the Naval and Military Park

During July and August 1999, the following Scout Troops had a full week camping experience at the Greater Toronto Region Haliburton Scout Reserve.

  • l4th Scarboro West
  • 8th Don Mills (Venturer Company)
  • 23rd Toronto
  • 93rd Toronto
  • 118th Toronto
  • 125th Toronto
  • 175th Toronto

1999 /2000 Group Registration

Group Committee Chairs and/ or Group Registrars please careflilly review the package "A Guide to Your Group's Annual Registration 1999/2000". Please note that the Police Reference Check form has been amended. The Toronto Police Services will only accept the updated form. We have planned an Area Registration Day on Sunday October 3, 1999 - 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Victoria Village United Church -7 Gretna Ave.

Phone Ants Evard, Area Forum chair, at 416-225-7173 to arrange an appointment.

Also the region has planned Regional Registration Nights from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM on the following:

  • Thursday October 21, 1999
  • Tuesday October 26, 1999
  • Thursday October 28, 1999
  • Thursday November 4, 1999

Phone the Scout Service Centre at 416-490-6364 to arrange an appointment.

GTR Jamboree 2000

You're invited to celebrate our past and anticipate our future at the biggest party we've thrown in more than 20 years. Come to Niagara-on-the-Lake July 8 to 15, 2000.

Registration and Information at: Phone 416-490-6364 ext. 460 e-mail

There will be a representative from the GTR Jamboree 2000 Committee at our Area Registration Day on Sunday October 3, 1999. Information and literature will be available.

Don't miss out - REGISTER NOW!!

Sunnybrook Area Service Team

Currently, we have several exciting opportunities for Scouters seeking new challenges. As valued members of our team, you will provide the necessary support, resources and assistance to Scouters directly involved with our area youth members. You will provide leadership by example, communicate effectively with adults, solve problems, resolve conflicts, ensure the health and safety of everyone and ensure that our youth are receiving effective Scouting experiences. Interested Scouters, please contact Ches Marshall at 416-447-6224

One-Time Task Opportunities

  • We require a coordinator and team members to plan, prepare and run an Area Kub Kar Rally during our current Scouting year.
  • We require a coordinator and team members to plan, prepare and run an Area Spring Beaveree.

We would like to provide area events. However, due to the small size of the service team, we require a positive response from you.

Interested Scouters please phone Ches Marshall 416-447-6224

Your Sunnybrook Service Team -

Francis ChanField ExecutiveOffice416-490-6364 ext. 243
Ants EvardForum ChairHome416-225-7173
Bev BlakeHonours&AwardsHome416-431-4061
Doreen ThompsonArea WebmasterHome416-423-9700
Terri PieperAAC ColonyHome416-447-0933
Fiona EmpkeColonyHome905-881-8758
Barbara Ann YoungColonyHome416-449-1213
Doug WatsonPackHome416-755-2383
Mike WilcoxPackHome416-449-3985
Bill WalkerTroopHome416-222-4841
Arnold KentonOlder YouthHome416-759-6579
Ches MarshallCommissionerHome416-447-6224

We wish you an exciting, event filled, and successful Scouting year. We are here to support you.

Good Scouting!

Sunnybrook Area

Woodbadge Part I Training Course

for Colony Scouters

Part I Woodbadge Courses relate specifically to your practical needs as a Colony Scouter. These courses introduce the concepts and practical applications used in your roles as leaders of youth. Training methods include small group activities, learning by doing, interacting with your fellow Scouters and trainers, outdoor activities and having fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Course outlines include the following topics:

  • The structure and operation of Scouts Canada with emphasis on our Mission, Principles and Practices.
  • Planning and implementing fim and effective programs including the use of the program elements and the extensive use of the outdoors.
  • Administration and support required for effective programs.
  • Characteristics, behaviour, needs and desires of your youth, including youth with special needs.
  • Resources available to support your program.
  • Communication with youth, parents, leadership team, group committee, and community.
  • Full uniform, writing stuff, leaders' handbook, are required at each session.
Dates:Wednesday, October 6, 19997:00 PM to l0:00 PM
 Wednesday, October 13, 19997:00 PM to l0:00 PM
 Wednesday, October 20, 19997:00 PM to l0:00 PM
 Wednesday, October 27, 19997:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location:GTR Scout Service Centre
265 Yorkland Ave,
Registration Fee: $ 10.00
Registrar: Ches Marshall - 416-447-6224

Disclaimer: Anything posted to this Home Page
are the opinions of the individuals who posted them
and are not the views of Scouts Canada.