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A Scouter

Scouter's 5 Cut-outs
The Leader, June/July 1992

A Scouter is a person who, week after week, month after month, provides fun, adventure challenge, and learning for our active children;

A Scouter hurries home, eats a quick meal, puts on uniform while answering the phone five times, and arrives smiling to meet the youngsters, all in 30 minutes;

A Scouter gives up weekends and home comforts to teach children about woodcraft, nature, and camaraderie;

A Scouter is somebody who can put up a tent in the rain and dark, find lost boots, dry wet bedding, handle asthma, blisters, homesickness, and children's excitement on four hours sleep--and go home talking about the next camp;

A Scouter is a person who waits in the cold with the last kid, whose parent forgot the time;

A Scouter attends meetings to learn and plan, has an expandable basement and a head full of ideas;

A Scouter can lead a song, teach a skill, play a game, perform a ceremony, listen to a child, and say a prayer;

A Scouter willingly fills the gap so that a child will not be let down;

A Scouter is committed, caring, hardworking, sturdy, strong, reliable--with a wealth of knowledge, a store of skills, and a heart of goId;

A Scouter gets little spoken thanks, but knows the spirit is passed on.

--Jean Buydens, Victoria, B.C.

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