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Scouting Is...

The World Organization of the Scout Movement

Scouting is...

Education for life

Scouting complements the school and the family, filling needs not met by either. Scouting develops self knowledge, the need to explore, to discover, to want to know.
Scouts discover the world beyond the classroom, tapping the skills of others to learn, and passing that knowledge on to others.

A Movement for youth

Scouting is a Movement... on the move. Evolving and adapting everywhere according to local conditions, serving according to local needs.


There are recognized Scout organizations and branches in more than 150 countries and territories.


Scouting has never stopped growing since its founding in 1907. Today there are more than 16 million members - boys and girls.
Scouting has doubled its membership in the last 20 years. Much of the growth is in developing countries.

Open to all

Scouting is open to all, regardless of race or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles and method conceived by its founder Robert Baden-Powell.

Fun, with a purpose

Through recreation, Scouting achieves its purpose to help young people develop physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Also a challenge for adults

A chance to help young people. A way to improve the understanding between generations. In their service, adult leaders get valuable training and experience, adding to their personal development.


Scouts and leaders must choose to join Scouting.

Non-political, non-governmental

Scouting does not and must not represent any political party or organization. Nonetheless, Scouts are encouraged to make a constructive contribution to their community, society and country.

Scouting is...

A Method:

Making a personal commitment
- to a simple code of living: the Scout Promise and Law.

Learning by doing
- active participation, with others.

Working in small groups
- in patrols to develop leadership, group skills, and individual responsibility.

Stimulating programmes
- progressive activities based on the interests of young people. Activities in contact with nature, a rich learning environment where simplicity, creativity, and discovery come together to provide adventure and challenge.

Scouting is...

A Code of Living:

A spiritual dimension
- a commitment to seek the spiritual value of life beyond the material world.

A Social Dimension
- participating in the development of society, respecting the dignity of others and the integrity of the natural world.
Promoting local, national and international peace, understanding and co-oporation.

A Personal Dimension
- developing a sense of personal responsibility and stimulating the desire for responsible self-expression.

Scouts are involved...

Meeting real needs

Scouts are involved in...

The World Organization of the Scout Movement

The World Organization of the Scout Movement is an international, non-gouvernmental organization composed of its recognized national Scout organizations. Its governing body is the World Conference, which meets every three years, and its executive is the World Commitee composed of elected volunteers.

The World Scout Bureau is the secretariat of the Movement. It services national Scout organizations from its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and its five regional offices in Costa Rica, Egypt, Kenya, Philippines and Switzerland.

The World Scout Bureau's services are funded by fees from National Scout Organizations, based on their membership and adjusted according to their country's per capita income. Other funding comes from contributions and grants from foundations, corporations, agencies and individuals. Significant support is received from the World Scout Foundation.

The World Scout Foundation

The World Scout Foundation actively solicits and receives contributions which are invested permanently in a capital (endowment) fund to produce regular income to benefit World Scouting. The Foundation also seeks non-capital donations to support specific World Scouting projects.

The Honorary President of the World Scout Foundation is H.M. The King of Sweden.

One of the Foundation's prominent programmes is the Baden-Powell World Fellowship which generates and recognizes support from individual donors and friends of World Scouting.

World Organization of the Scout Movement
World Scout Foundation

Box 241, 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland
Telephone: ++41-22-3204233
Telefax: ++41-22-7812053

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