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The Scout Law

The Original Scout Law sets down in clearly understandable language the code of conduct that is the basis of good citizenship. No other form or version captures the essence of the virtues and duties expected of Scouts in such positive terms. The Scout Law forms the cornerstone of Scouting as Baden-Powell originally intended it to be, and provides a model upon which we can guide our daily lives. Scouting is not something that happens when we put the uniform on; it is a lifestyle that transcends the ages.

  1. A SCOUT'S HONOUR IS TO BE TRUSTED - A Scout is trustworthy. A Scout doesn't deceive. A Scout tells the truth. A Scout plays the game of life by following its' rules.
  3. A SCOUT'S DUTY IS TO BE USEFUL AND TO HELP OTHERS. - A Scout strives to do his duty faithfully and cheerfully and endeavours to do at least one good turn to somebody every day.
  4. A SCOUT IS A FRIEND TO ALL AND A BROTHER TO EVERY OTHER SCOUT. - A Scout looks for the best in the other fellow and makes the most of it and him.
  5. A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS. - A Scout is polite to everyone, showing special courtesy and respect to women, children, and elders. A Scout does NOT take any reward for being helpful and courteous.
  6. A SCOUT IS A FRIEND TO ANIMALS - A Scout would never inflict any cruelty towards animals, and would do as much as possible to help them if they were in pain or danger.
  7. A SCOUT OBEYS THE ORDERS OF HIS PARENTS, PATROL LEADER OR SCOUTMASTER WITHOUT QUESTION. - This law must be tempered with common sense, in such circumstances where the order is immoral or would put the Scout at risk. We must keep in mind the changes in todays society that have been put in place for the protection of our children.
  8. A SCOUT SMILES AND WHISTLES UNDER ALL DIFFICULTIES. - This is the outward sign of the Scouts inward attitude towards the tasks and trials of life.
  9. A SCOUT IS THRIFTY. - A Scout saves and banks what money he can against a rainy day.
  10. A SCOUT IS CLEAN IN THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED. - A Scout does not give way to the temptation to think, talk, or do anything immoral and keeps his body clean.

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