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Scouting News
Scouting News

January '98

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  1. Celebrate 90th
  2. Celebrate 90th (cont.)
  3. Celebrate 90th (cont.) , Head Table
  4. Annual General Meeting, 1997 , Training Calendar , HSR Celebrates 50 Years
  5. 1998 Nominations , Officers Elected or Appointed , WTSC renamed Leathem Centre , The Toronto Star
  6. School Permits 1998-9 ,

Page 1

Written by David Cooper and Chuck McIlravey

The Scouting spirit was strong among the 500 smiling faces who were there to celebrate worldwide Scouting's 90th. They came to hear from two young men who epitomize what we strive to achieve: Craig Kielburger, 14 years old, organizer of "Free The Children", was the main speaker; and Derek Stokke, a Chief Scout, Queens Venturer, Rover and GTR Youth Representative, thanked Craig and related his own story of Scouting. We could not have had two more deserving individuals involved in our celebration of 90 years of service to youth.

A magnificent colour party led by a piper in full regalia escorted the many National, Provincial, and Regional Officers to our Head Table (the names of our Head Table are listed on pg. 3). Reverend Malcolm Sinclair, a long time friend of Scouting delivered grace.

David Cooper, our 90th Dinner Chair, welcomed everyone and introduces our Head Table. The 296th Cubs, Scouts and Scouters, lead by Scouter Doug Watson, had everyone singing for their supper. Frank Grisbrook presented 18 minutes of slides on the past 90 years of Scouting which everyone particularly enjoyed. David Cooper thanked Frank and three other Scouters, Richard Blakely, AC for West Scarborough, Fred Loeffler, AC for Seton and Adrian Barker, Vice President GTR, for their extra effort in adding to the success of the evening.

Craig lives Scout's mission

Tom Gunn, President of GTR, eloquently introduced our guest speaker, Craig Kielberger. Former Beaver, Cub and Scout, Craig is famous today for his youth organization, "Free The Children", which is dedicated to the elimination of child labour. He has spoken to leaders and been interviewed by newspapers from all over the world. He cut short a presentation in California to be at Scouting's 90th Anniversary Dinner.

Craig showed slides of children he had met over the past 30 months, children sold at the tender age of 4 years into a lifetime of slave labour, and children of 7 and 8 whose faces already showed the horror of their existence. He talked about how his idea of helping them began when he and several other children met in his livingroom and agreed to help these enslaved children in every possible way.

Craig is proud of the life skills he learned in Scouting. Scouting helped him develop his self-confidence through organizing, getting consensus, and showing leadership when it was necessary. He made use of the skills developed by Scouting when he formed "Free the Children".

Craig made every youth in the room feel that they had the ability to become a leader. All they had to do was choose the priority, be part of a team and try to make a difference. Small plans or large plans, all are important. He answered questions with hones statements straight from the heart.

Everyone has the ability ...

This young man is blessed to be doing everything we, as adults, nay ever have dreamed of accomplishing, the only difference being that he is 14 years old and actually doing it. God Bless the Craig Kielburgers of this world.

Our National President of Scouts Canada, David Rattray, presented a special cut-glass award to Craig and thanked him for taking on his mission to help the children of the world. Our Scout Mission Statement is engraved on it, a mission statement that, if you read it, you will see Craig is actually accomplishing.

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Scouter Beth Taylor - ARC Training writes: "Isn't there something fitting in having a stripling 14 year old addressing our 90th Anniversary? Baden-Powell would have been pleased - even amused, and certainly proud, that we turned to a mere youth for our edification, and how apt was our choice. As Scouters we are in sympathy with Craig's crusade and somewhat in awe of his incredible presence. Few adults speak so eloquently, with such self-assurance, with unquestionable devotion to a cause."

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Page 3

Invited Guest, David Thamer, Lt. Governor Division Nine, Kiwanis and his wife Barbara write; "It was great to participate with so many young people and their leaders in your 90th Birthday Celebration. The enthusiasm for the association was matched only by the outstanding example of courage and imagination in the young speaker, Craig Kielburger. Scouting must feel really proud."Bruce Mullock 2nd York Mills writes: "Just wanted to say that the dinner last night was a huge success and that our contingent enjoyed it. We were very impressed by the speakers, slide presentation, the Keynote Speaker, the Colour Guard and Piper in the opening and closing. The whole thing was just great and it was a pleasure to be there. What a unique experience."

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90th Celebration boasts many distinguished guests at Head Table

Our Head Table:

David Rattray, Assistant Auditor General of Canada and National President of Scouts Canada;

C.D. (Chuck) Caiger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Pacific Pension Investment Management and 1998 Chair of the Haliburton Breakfast;

Jack Sinclair, retired Executive Vice President Bell Canada and International Commissioner Scouts Canada;

Bruce Wannamaker, Provincial Deputy Commissioner, Province of Ontario;

David Hamilton, President Scouts Canada, Province of Ontario;

George Fuller, Great Nephew of baden Powell who lives right here in Toronto and we were delighted to have him with us enjoying our celebration;

Doug Gough, Elementary School Principal and Regional Commissioner Scouts Canada Greater Toronto Region;

Tom Gunn, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer OMERS and President, Scouts Canada, Greater Toronto Region;

Craig Kielburger our guest speaker for the evening;

Derek Stokke, student, Chief Scout, Queens Venturer, rover, in Scouting over 11 years and our Greater Toronto Region Youth Representative;

(Ret) Major General, Herb Pitts Canadian Armed Forces and National Commissioner Scouts Canada;

Reverend Malcolm Sinclair, Minister of the Toronto Metropolitan United Church;

John Buchan, Chief Financial Officer Chembond Limited and President Greater Toronto Scout foundation;

Bev Blake, Past Area Commissioner Sunnybrook Area, Member at Large and in Scouting for over 30 years;

Jim Georgeff, Executive Director Scouts Canada Greater Toronto Region

and of course not to forget our Master of Ceremonies,
David Cooper, President and Chief Operating Officer, Royal Bank Insurance Group, Immediate Past President GTR and Financial Development Chair.

We thank all of them for attending and a special thanks to those who traveled a great distance just to share this celebration.

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Annual General Meeting - 1997

The 1996/97 AGM was a mixture of pre-meeting socializing, an expression of appreciation and recognition, the formal business of Council, and a productive period of discussion regarding the proposed motions. Here are the main points of the evening: The evening finished with old friends gathered around the refreshments for a final goodnight chat.

Our thanks to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for this year's meeting location, and to all individuals who joined in the evening's activities.

Good Turn Awards Were Presented To:
Michael Johnson
Jack Lovatt
Ian Galbraith
Kenneth Jorgensen
James Kitchen
Dan Van Nice
Dale Wallace
Richare Harris
Ed Aitken
Mary Gooley
Doreen Simmons
Doug Mason
Bob Eisner
Tom Gifford
Arnie Appleton
Mark Rambachan
Mike Ferriman
Nancy Grant

Life Memberships Were Announced For:
Harry Bruce
Peter Harris
David Holmes
Gloria Partlo
John Partlo

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GTR Training Calendar

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Written by Jeff Lake

This summer Haliburton Scout Reserve celebrated its 50th anniversary (1947-1997). A ceremony to mark this occasion was held at the Reserve on August 3rd. A Scout colour guard and the Haliburton Legion Pipe Band lead the official party to the stage.

Ted Aylan-Parker, Camp director and Master of Ceremonies, introduced David Cooper, Past President of GTR and former HSR staff member who gave a brief history of the camp from its beginning to its growth into the largest camp in Canada and the third largest in the world. The National Commissioner, Herb Pitts, spoke for the National Council (it was the first time that he and his wife had been to the camp). The dedication of the plaque and flagpole and breaking of the flag were performed by Hefb Pitts and Muriel Moore, wife of the first Camp Ranger. Everyone joined in singing O Canada and the Rev. Lois Whitwell led in a Prayer of Dedication. Director of Camping, Rob Selby, then presented a plaque from the Hon. Chris Hodgson, Provincial Executive Director and M.P.P. Barry Hardaker (a former Camp Administrator) brought greetings from the Provincial Council. Regional Commissioner, Coug Gough, brought salutations from the Greater Toronto Region.

Warner Clarke, Camping Committee director, presented plaques to special guests and a paddle (hand painted by Peter Harris) to Roman Gawur in recognition of his assistance in improving our camp phone system. He also thanked Ken Cooper and George Kerr for their hard work in planning the Ceremony and the camp staff for the ceremony proparations. All guests were then invited to take a barge tour of the lake and visit the campsites of the 115th Toronto and the 4th Humber West Troops. An informal reception and tea was held at The Hub where David Collenette M.P., Minister of Transport and a former HSR camper, spoke. Ted Aylan-Parker closed proceedings by thanking everyone for attending.

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1998 Nominations Committee needs your input

The Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility for recommending a slate of officers to the Annual Meeting in May of 1998.

We need your input! Please call any member of the Nominating Committee if you have the necessary skills for a job or know of someone who does.

Chair:David Cooper - Past President GTR
Richard Blakely - AC, West Scarborough
Tony Hung - Honorary Officer
Peter Merriam - Past AC, Seton
Ron Nicholson - Special Events
Peter Sawyer - Past Regional Commissioner
Beth Taylor - Ass.Reg.Commissioner, Training
Glenn Wright - Area Chair, Humber West

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Imm.Past President
Regional Commissioner
G. Tom Gunn
Ian Galbraith
Kimberly Stevenson
Adrian Barker
David Cooper
Doug Gough
Committee Chairs:
Special Events
Financial Development
Regional Forum

Warner Clarke
Earle Goodwin
Terry McGowan
Kimberly Stevenson
David Cooper
Adrian Barker
Bev Blake
Tom Gifford
Greg Hunter
Riyaz Jessa
Eliot Yip
Honourary Positions:
Legal Counsel


David Pamenter
Charles Archibald
Pierre Berton
A. Dick Billes
Ron Clark
Harry Coulson
Con Di Nino
Robert Engel
John Gardner
Paul V. Godfrey
John Honderich
Anthony Hung
Keith C. Laking
Paul S.K. Lam
Marg Lyons
William G. Munro
Richard B. Potter
David W. Pretty
A. Foster Rodger
Douglas K. Russell
Irving P. Sussman
Frank Faubert
Barbara Hall
Douglas Holyday
Mel Lastman
Frances Nunziata
Michael Prue

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Woodland Trails Scouting Centre
renamed "Leathem Centre"

Major donation makes renovation possible

Written by Randy Brown, editor

In the fall of '96 it was decided that something needed to be done with the Woodland Trails Scouting Centre. The situation (as described in the January '96 Scouting News article) was that the Centre was steadily losing money - $30,000 a year - and that it badly needed updating. Renovations would hopefully once again bring in business rentals from Monday to Friday.

The renovations were paid for by a $136,000 donation from the Leathem (pronounced leetham) family, in memory of Scouter Brian Leathem, a Leader at 125th Toronto at St. Timothy's Anglican Church, who died of cancer in 1981 at the age of 32. It was his wish that when the estate of his mother was settled, the family make a donation to Scouting for a particular project. "He gave a lot of his time to taking Scouts to Woodland Trails," says David Leathem, his brother. "We feel greatly nonoured that the Scouts chose to perpetuate Brian's memory by using our family name for the Centre."

With the money in place, plans were finalized, and in August the renovation of the foyer, main hall and "greak-out" rooms began. The volunteer work of Tom Gifford, a member of the special Events Committee, was critical. He managed all the trades and oversaw the work throughout. "I cannot praise Tom's involvement too much," says Rob Selby, who had the ultimate responsibility for the project. "He did a fantastic job." The work was completed by the end of September. The front office will soon have a fax machine, photocopier and computer installed, and a few sound problems still need to be ironed out, but to all intents and purposes, the newly renamed Leathem Centre is open for business.

Critical to this new phase for the Centre is attracting business rentals. The Centre is available five business days a week for ten months of the year; the weekends as well as July and August are reserved for Training Courses, Group Rentals, and Adventureland Cub Camp. Help put the word out, and contact Rob Selby for reservations: 490-6364, #232.

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Toronto Star Newspapers Limited
One Yonge Street
Toronto, Canada M5E 1E6

Office of the PublisherNovember 25, 1997

Mr. Robert Engel
Scouts Canada
Greater Toronto Regional Council
265 Yorkland Boulevard
North York, Ontario
M2J 5C7

Dear Mr. Engel

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Scouts Canada
on their 90th anniversary. I've always been impressed by the vigor and
selflessness of the Scouts in volunteering their time to community

Particularly, I would like to say a special thank you to the
Scouts for helping to distribute the boxes for the Star Santa Claus
Fund. Your help is crucial to the success of the campaign. Without the
help of the Scouts, it would be nearly impossible to deliver 35,000 gift
boxes to needy children on Christmas morning.

The Scouts, their families and friends are truly Santa's Elves.


John A. Honderich

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Now is the time to consider your needs for 1998-9. Applications will be sent to Group Committee Chairpersons for the use of school facilities to hold Beaver, Cub, Scout, Venturer, Rover, Scouting Auxiliary and Group Committee meetings.

It is advisable to plan ahead at this time and make application for one time events that would require Board of Education facilities, eg. Registration Night, Kub Kar Rally, etc. Some School Boards charge an administration fee that must be paid when submitting anapplication. Caretaking fees are charged for using school facilities other than weekdays.

All School Permits must be handled through Scouts Canada. Do not send applications directly to the School Board.

For further information or applications contact: Shirley Godwin, School Permit Clerk, 416-490-6364, ext. 224.

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Scouting News is printed 5 times a
year for all adult members of Scouts
Canada in the Greater Toronto Region,
265 Yorkland Ave, North York M2J 5C7.
Telephone: 490-6364, #453. Randy
Brown is the editor.
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