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Scouting News
Scouting News

September '98

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By John Plumadore, Director of Field Services, GTR

Greater Toronto Region's Growth Plan introduces new and innovative ideas to supplement programs which are still deemed valid today and will continue to be valid in the millennium.

Founding "principles" were established as part of the Growth Plan.

  1. Each idea must be considered a fresh start, no re-hash of old methods. "That's the way we've always done it," is unacceptable. How can we make this work? is the new focus.
  2. It is critical that time, energy and money be invested to secure the future.
  3. Evaluation of all programs must be scheduled at regularly agreed-upon intervals and timelines.
With the above "principles" in mind, the Field Staff developed a document that would later receive the blessing of the Management Committee and Regional Executive Committee respectively. The Growth Plan's ideas are three dimensional, covering
  1. Structure,
  2. Program, and
  3. Relationships and Research.

Under Structure, the reallocation of staff resources, more aggressive promotion of Scouting and the hiring of program specialists will be part or a complete overhaul of "how we do things".

Program initiatives will look at ideas like Scoutabout, a summer day program run at local parks to promote Scouting. A pilot program ran this summer at Toronto Parks. After-School programs is another initiative that has great merit and will be explored further for implementation in schools throughout Metro.

Relationships and Research will become a key component of our Growth Plan. Building community relationships that will enhance our approach and effectiveness in the community, while at the same time building an image that once again places Scouting in the forefront of society, will be a major thrust. Field Staff will be out working in the "field" and be more visible in the community, knocking on doors of existing Partners and researching new partnerships. We will be adding a new Field Executive in the fall and enhancing the membership development portfolio to a full time position. Research will also become a driving force as an instrument of fact-finding that leads to making good decisions that are sound and not based on a whim or an emotion. We feel the trend of declining membership can be reversed by using a combination of existing and new innovative programs and ideas. It is necessary to start fresh, find the time, energy and monetary resources to invest in our future. We owe it to Canada's youth who are tomorrow's Leaders.

More aggressive promotion through use of neighbourhood papers
Crime statistics show greatest youth crime between 4-8 p.m. - possible police partnerships
Emphasize our role in education

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Ontario has introduced a new Warrant of Appointment procedure.

As part of the volunteer recruitment process, the Warrant of Appointment will be presented to conclude the recruitment process, namely the completion of:

When the above is completed, the Service Scouter, as the representative of Scouts Canada, would present to the individual a Warrant, to welcome him/her to Scouts Canada officially, as a full and accepted member of the organization, thereby granting her/him a "license to operate" and thereby concluding the recruitment process.

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Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Adults are invited to participate in Scouting's premier marketing opportunity. Besides providing an important public service and having some fun, we get to show off Scouting to over 30,000 people.

Held at the Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street, the dates are October 16,17,18. Yes, that's right - Apple Day weekend! So we desperately need help all day Friday and Saturday morning.

Perhaps you are retired, work shifts or otherwise are available on Friday for any period starting at or after 10:00 a.m. Maybe you could come directly from work or school. We'll provide a lunch.

Saturday morning will be a particular problem. But perhaps your Apple Day task is administrative and you are not actually required on Apple Day morning. We could sure use your help. To volunteer, or for more information, call Scout House, (416) 490-6364 and ask for Robby Engel Ext.246 or Harry Bruce Ext.228.

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GTR Training Calendar

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SkyDome Tours Fun and Educational

SkyDome, home to Toronto's Blue Jays, Argonauts and Raptors, has been offering tours of the facility since 1989 and recently hosted its 1.5 million guest.

The basic, one-hour tour includes a film on the development of the stadium, as well as a guided walk that views behind-the-scenes areas such as the pressbox, a private Sky Box or perhaps a visit to a team dressing room.

You can take this tour, or two slightly longer ones, seven days a week, event schedule permitting. The longer ones are a little more specialized, one being on the "History of Sports", while the other is about "Art at the SkyDome". All are very enjoyable and are available at a group discount to Scouts Canada, based on a minimum number of 20 people.

For each 10 paying youth at $4.95, one adult is complimentary and any additional adults also pay only $4.95. Scout Leaders interested in tours should call (416)341-2771 for more information.

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The 3rd GTR Jamboree

For more information, either check out the Official GTR Page,
or check out this site's Jamboree 2000 information page.

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Calendar of Events '98-'99

September 1998

October 1998

November 1998

December 1998

Dec.21 - Jan.3 - School Winter Break
Dec.24 - Jan.3 - GTR Office Closed for Holidays

January 1999

February 1999

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Calendar of Events '98-'99

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Area News

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Scouting News is printed 5 times a year for
Scouts Canada in the Greater Toronto
Region, 265 Yorkland Ave, North York
M2J 5C7. Tel: (416) 490-6364

Editor: Paddy Bateman
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