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Thoughts on Scouting

General Thoughts

  1. Boys leave Scouting because of what they don't do on Troop night, not because of what they do.
  2. A wise Scout leader never raises his voice. He gets someone else to do the shouting, then addresses the troop in civilized, well modulated tones.
  3. Good commissioners never put off what they can get someone else to do today.
  4. If you believe strongly in yourself and what you are doing, you will find resources you never knew you had.
  5. When young people know for sure you are being fair with them, there is a good chance they will be fair with you.
  6. Given Scouting spirit, Scouting logic, and Scouting sense, there is very little you can't tackle with enjoyment and confidence.
  7. Many an annual meeting has a happy ending: everyone is glad it's over.
  8. Many a young Scout cones out of his shell because the rest of the patrol egg him on.
  9. A Scouter who tries to do something and fails is much more clever than the Scouter who does nothing and fails.
  10. The reason a boy comes to troop night or pack night ought to be simply this: he can't bear to stay away.
  11. A certain amount of opposition is a help, not a hindrance. Kites rise against the wind, not with it.
  12. Blessed are those Scouters who have nothing to say and know what to do instead.
  13. Our district budget is simply a method to get us all worrying before we spend instead of afterwards.
  14. In our committees, many arguments are sound - merely sound.
  15. The Scouter who thinks he has no faults has at least one.
  16. The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention.
  17. Have you noticed that, in Scouting, the most trouble is produced by those who don't produce anything.
  18. Remember, the turtly progresses only when he sticks his neck out.
  19. True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfrotable.
  20. Encouragement after censure is like the sun after a shower.
  21. Never mistake activity for achievement.

Our Flag

(Stand by the Canadian flag holding two pieces of cloth: one red, one white).
What is our Flag? Simply a piece of cloth? Sure, these pieces of cloth could make a Canadian flag, but would they then be simply pieces of cloth? Think of our flag flying from a tall staff - a symbol of our country and the principles for which we stand.

Our flag took the white background of the two original flags planted on our land to remind us of our history and our two founding nations. Bordering the white that represents our great land are two bands of red, symbol of the rising and wetting sun and a reminder of our national motto: From Sea to Sea. The single red maple leaf in the centre is our country's emblem, symbol of valour, sacrifice and unity.

Red for valour; white for truth - may our flag make us conscious of the greatness of our land and the unconquerable will of its people. As it reflects our past, may it help us realize our duty and obligation to out future.

Do you see anything in these pieces of cloth by themselves to demand our respect? You could make them into an apron just as easily as a flag. You could mop the floor or wipe your shoes with them. But, make them into our flag and they represent our great nation and everything we stand for.

- Guy Mandeville, Kingston, Ont.

What is Scouting?

S is for Service to all not a few.
C is for Character noble and true.
O is for Outings adventure and fun.
U is for Understanding how it is done.
T is for Teaching our boys how to live.
I is for Inspiration and desire to give.
N is for Neighbours to love and enjoy.
G is for God in the heart of a boy.

G.H. "Pop" Masters

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