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Venturer Activities

Our CompanyOrcPresident

Every June, the Venturers plan and run a Dungeons & Dragons Camp for our Scout Troop. This involves planning for the plot of the game, searching out and setting up the course, and actually playing the game. All the Venturers take part as NPC's (Non-Player Characters) and usually play 2 or 3 of them each throughout the length of the course. The Venturers set up the Scout's characters, assist them with their strengths and any magic powers. Each Scout, with the Venturers assistance, must make their weapons, which are PVC tubing covered in foam pipe wrap and duct tape. The Scouts must come up with their own armour, and depending on how inventive they are, they receive a certain amount of experience points and/or hit points. Each patrol has a chance to go through the course, and members of the inactive patrol helps out as NPC's also. It is quite a success! Last year, when we held it at Blue Springs Scout Reserve, most of the members of a Beaveree that was going on at the same time, stopped their activities to come and watch.

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