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Volunteer Screening


All programs of Scouts Canada must be designed with due consideration for the protection and safety of all participants. To help ensure the safety and protection of all participants, Scouts Canada will screen all applicants for all positions. Thereafter, Scouts Canada will review the suitability of all volunteers on an on- going basis to ensure Scouts Canada's programs are delivered by appropriate personnel.




Every member has the right to participate in Scouts Canada in a safe environment free from intrusions to their dignity or person.

Scouts Canada adult volunteers will adhere to the policy by:


Steps to Becoming a Scouts Canada Adult Volunteer Member

Scouts Canada recognizes the importance of adult volunteer members in such roles as program leaders, group committee and council volunteers within its organization. Therefore, Scouts Canada requires that all applicants be screened by Scouts Canada in accordance with the following six-step initial screening process.
  1. Application
  2. Interview
  3. Reference Checks
  4. Probationary Approval
  5. Police Record Checks (PRCs)
  6. Orientation and Probation

Steps for On-going Screening of All New and Continuing Volunteers

Scouts Canada strives to ensure that, once recruited, volunteers maintain the high calibre and dedication to its Principles for which they were initially recruited. Therefore, all volunteers will be screened on an on-going basis by Scouts Canada in accordance with the following 2 steps.
  1. Supervision and Further Development
  2. Evaluation

Scouts Canada recognizes the role played by all volunteers in the activities of Scouts Canada. It is important that all involved in Scouts Canada be vigilant in the issues of safety and dignity of the members of Scouts Canada and that any suspicions or concerns be reported immediately. We thank everyone for their assistance in making Scouts Canada activities safe and fun for all.


Adult volunteer screening has as its objectives

The program allows those representing the organization to get to know, welcome and orient the new volunteers, while at the same time the new volunteers can gain a better understanding of the organization they are they are applying to join. The vast majority of adults who seek to join us on our mission will be welcomed with open arms.


It is important to remember that all of the elements of this program work together to achieve the objectives of the safety and well-being of the youth entrusted to our care. A check of police records, on its own, will not identify an undesirable individual who doesn't have a criminal record or history. An interview alone will not necessarily identify an undesirable volunteer. Those Scouters entrusted with the responsibility of welcoming new adult volunteers into Scouting must be diligent in their execution of this program in its entirety.

Finally, we must continue to welcome warmly and with enthusiasm those competent and caring adults who are generous enough to offer themselves in service to the youth of this country. Without them, Scouting would cease to exist.


Tools, resource materials and training workshops are being developed and distributed as quickly as possible. Group Committees, Area and Regional personnel and others implicated in this program will implement all of the above elements as the resources become available.

By providing either a Canadian Police Certificate (or written permission for a police records check to be completed), adult volunteers who are currently members of the organization will set an example for all new volunteers to follow.

The addition of a person to a mailing list or other administrative documentation will not be construed as the granting of membership. Membership shall be granted only on the successful completion of the screening program.

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