"Put Members First"

A member is the most important person in any organization. When members join Scouts Canada they bring with them certain needs and wants, and as Scouters, it is our obligation to do our very best to fulfill those needs. The following are a few guidelines for putting members first!

Bend over backward for your members. Indifference on the part of the organization are the reasons that they stop patronizing Scouting.

* Empower your volunteer members. Give them responsibility for satisfaction.

* Knowing that their treatment of members is what will make Scouting thrive—or fail—is very motivational.

* Truly serve your members. Never let members out the door until they receive assistance with their request.Then follow up to make sure they are satisfied with what they received.

* A dissatisfied member is the ultimate consultant. You’re probably already acquainted with your more vocal members, the ones who are so willing to tell you what you’re doing wrong, not doing, and what you should be doing. As irritating as that can be, their comments may be quite valuable. If you are willing to turn your dissatisfied members into "membership consultants" you can effectively fix problems many others might be suffering silently.

* Demand success from yourself. Your objective should not be to just get by, but to excel. Consider each day a battle against inefficiency, mediocrity, and inattention to member needs and wants.

Members deserve the most courteous attention you can give them. If everything you do revolves around this focus, you are bound to do a great job!

Reproduced for Scoutscan.com by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia