How do I rate as a Scouter

Here are 25 questions you can ask yourself every once in a while.

 1. Do I do my part in the program section?

 2. Do I run interesting programs?

 3. Am I losing youth to other organizations?

 4. Do I find out why youth left the section?

 5. Do I ensure the youth receive due recognition?

 6. Do I emphasize the łout˛ in Scouting?

 7. Does the group camp enough?

 8. Do I always wear my uniform to meetings?

 9. Do I set an example for the youth?

10. Do I have to yell at the youth to get their attention?

11. Is discipline required in my section?

12. Am I fair to all youth?

13. Do I have favourites among the youth?

14. Have I recruited anyone lately or ever?

15. Am I a leader or a follower?

16. Do I say "thank you" often?

17. Have I ever recommended a fellow Scouter for an Honour/Award?

18. Do I relate well with my fellow Scouters?

19. Do I take the time to give guidance to a troubled youth?

20. Do I attend Scouters Club?

21. Do I take part in Area/District/Region/Provincial events?

22. Am I a good representative of my group?

23. Do I take the time to take training?

24. Do I take the time to train other Scouters?

25. Why am I in Scouting?

Reproduced for by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia