How Good Is Your Group???

Scouting organizations, like people, should undergo regular checkups to stay healthy. You need to assess the present health of your group, its membership status and its community image.

(A) Periodically assess the quality of your group, and

(B) Is your group community minded?

Following are some questions that will enable you to identify characteristics that may discourage individuals from accepting your invitation of membership. These characteristics affect fellowship, commitment, communication, and the group's appeal to prospective members.

1. Does your group have regular meetings with prearranged programs? Time away from work, family, and other responsibilities is willingly invested in activities of value. But if meetings are boring, attendance will fall.

2. Is the meeting place convenient and appealing?

3. Is the program well planned?

4. How many youth attend your group?

5. Is there a great atmosphere?

6. What kinds of activities does your group do for fundraisers?

7. Are they varied to appeal to most of your community?

8. Do group fundraisers receive excellent attention and enhance your group's reputation?

9. Is fund raising balanced with hands-on service?

10. Is the group involved in with your community meaningful ways?

11. Are leadership positions continually filled?

12. Are committees active?

13. Does the group participate in district/regional and provincial activities?

14. Does the group committee take training?

Every group should conduct a monthly meeting and an annual meeting, which includes the election of officers.

Reproduced for by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia