Forming An Effective Partnership

Partner: a relationship, frequently between two organizations, in which each has equal status and a certain independence, but also implicit or formal obligations to the other.

In the world of associations and national organizations they forge partnerships because they have much to gain from working together. A common goal--a strong voice for the people they represent.

One of Scoutings responsibilities in its partnership with districts and regions is to support its groups in their work. Likewise, groups support the districts and regions efforts to trumpet an influential, unified voice on behalf of all youth. How does a national association build a productive, long-lasting relations with its partners? Communication is the key. A national association must effectively communicate to all provincial associations, in ways that are convenient for them to pass along the information.

National has developed a variety of resources (such as; videos, brochures, etc) to strengthen all provincial leaders in their efforts to communicate and promote membership recruitment and retention. Are you aware of all the resources that National has to offer? Why not check with your Provincial Office?

   What is Scouting?

   Why should I join?

   Where do I sign up?

These are some of the most commonly asked questions. Check with your Provincial office and they will try and provide you with the answers.

Need a quick membership tip or a helpful hint to highlight in your districts/regions newsletter? The Leader magazine, Council Websites, Membership committees, etc feature ideas and strategies from time to time that you can share with your local groups for recruiting and retaining members. Youíll find information on making dissatisfied members satisfied, tips to help groups reflect their true community, and whatís needed to implement a "Put Members First" campaign.

In Scouting we should continually learn from each other and build on the successes of our fellow members. The Leader magazine showcases award-winning group and district/regional programs that develop membership and improve outreach.

Looking for ideas to assist local groups in membership promotion!

Look no more--1,2,3 Grow is available at your Provincial Office. This promotion and marketing booklet feature membership planning and ideas focusing on how to recruit and retain members. Every day, new information, services, and resources are being added to or updated on the websites. Donít be left behind--to keep abreast of whatís happening, changing, and evolving, check out the available resources.

Reproduced for by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia