How To Write A Marketing Plan

Start at the very beginning and develop a blue print of the overall marketing efforts. A marketing plan should contain the following steps:

Step I: Situation Analysis

Take a close look at the organization such as membership breakdown by segments, competitive insights and a community comparisons, plus also look at your: (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Step 2: Positioning Your Organization

After you determine your goals, three or four key objectives, you will be able to determine you positioning strategies. The following is an example of what this entails:

Goal: To position all groups as a topnotch youth organization in your district/region

Objective: Enhance the image of the district/region by becoming involved with various community people.

Strategy: to target all youth in your district/region;


1) Gather membership materials from your provincial office, APC Membership, and/or your District Membership team;

2) develop successful membership drives;

3) schedule leaders on radio talk show.

Step 3: Creativity

Do everything you can to inject new ideas into your district/region. Make sure and plan for some creative time on the calendar every day (or week).

Time the presentation of the marketing plan right. Present the facts, the logic and also the creative ideas that will make the marketing plan successful. And finally implement, evaluate and sharpen your tactics throughout the planning year.

Reproduced for by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia