A Planning Guide to Membership Growth Development


Membership growth has always been a primary focus for Scouts Canada. The program was introduced to strengthened our commitment to member growth and gave us tools for reaching our growth goals. Highlighting five key strategies, Membership Committees can focused attention on broad areas where membership growth can be achieved. The five strategies are:

1. Retaining existing members.

2. Serving existing members, particularly eligible potential members, youth, young adults, family members, and members of sponsoring groups.

3. Expanding existing fields of membership

4. Chartering new groups in areas where needed and feasible.

5. Assisting new groups and existing groups in their growth plans with innovative ideas and technical support from inside and outside the Scouting System.

While expanding fields of membership each of the member growth strategies are viable and effective options to explore and implement in your plan for membership growth.

Think of your growth plan as you would a business: diversification is the key. With heightened competition from other organizations and changes in the marketplace, a membership growth plan should employ diverse strategies to reach its growth goals. A growth plan should be broad enough to withstand sudden resignations from year to year.

With the above strategies in mind, this Planning Guide serves as a common reference point and tool to create an innovative growth plan suitable for your area. Please contact your area APC, O&E committee, APC Membership (638-8700 or e-mail me at lordo@ns.sympatico.ca), or the Provincial Office (1-800-557-7268) if you have any questions.

Reproduced for Scoutscan.com by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia