Recruitment Hints

Now is the time to begin your recruiting. Here's some ideas to get you started:

1. Use "Scouting videos" in all your recruitment activities. Show it during registration and in meetings. It is ideal for your first group meeting of the year.

2. Organize the accomplishments and activities of your group into a list and make it available to your prospective members. A scrapbook/photo album of your activities and awards is an excellent way to show members in action. Include provincial events as well as your district/regional activities.

3. Invite prospective members to your first meeting and have an exciting program, in addition to a business meeting. Be sure that prospective members don't sit by themselves. Have members greet them and invite them to sit with the group. You may be able to get a sponsor for snacks.

4. Hold an informal open house or picnic and have each member invite a non-member. Creating a buddy program which pairs non-scouters with scouters is a great way to develop friendship.

5. Invite a former Scouter who was involved with your group as a speaker. Look for someone who was a committee person, or someone who attended a recent provincial, district, or regional event. Have them discuss their involvement and how it affected their personal and professional life.

6. Hold action-oriented programs. Involve new and prospective members in community scouting projects.

7. Be sure all your membership committee members know about your upcoming events.

8. Emphasize the positive achievements of Scouting and your group.

9. Involve your district/area. Your District/Regional President and your RC/DC/AC are your liaison with the area. Many members are themselves active in Scouting organizations and can serve as a catalyst for the Scouting movement.


1. Slide or power point presentation of group/district/area activities.

2. Provincial Field Scouters making visits to schools to meet with prospective students.

3. Meet with District/Regional Presidents and RCıs, ACıs and DCıs.

4. Attend your local scouter/council meetings for valuable contact with other members.

5. Divide your area/district between your committee in order to share the load.

6. Use colorful recruitment posters and strategically place them. Have a membership recruitment poster contest.

7. Design bulletin boards depicting activities and projects. Remember to promote the group and district/area events. Use pictures!

8. Display copies of "The Leader Magazine" and local Council newsletters, and promote the magazine as a benefit of membership. Have some past issues on hand for viewing at your first meeting.

9. Always post news of National/Provincial benefits on your bulletin board.

10. Select someone from your group to approach your local radio and TV stations for help in recruiting publicity. Some may be willing to show the video "??????????????." Take pictures of members in action. Your public relations team might help you prepare your approach to the news media. Don't be afraid to submit articles.

11. Call and welcome prospective members and tell them about joining Scouting.

12. Pass out information brochures, etc at meetings.

Reproduced for by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia