Membership Committee Terms of Reference

The Membership Committee leads the membership recruitment and retention effort, works with others to increase the value of a membership in Scouting, and creates promotional material to be used in your membership drive.


The membership committee is considered to be the most important committee in Scouting. It is charged with two sets of duties, membership growth and membership development and retention. Its efforts should strengthen Scouting and reinforce its position and effectiveness in the community.


* Selecting suitable membership programs to achieve attainable goals
* Maintaining the proper procedures for approving and inducting new members.
* Keeping members active in sponsoring new quality members.
* Reporting monthly to the District/Regional council on progress of programs and other membership matters.
* Attending the district membership seminar (if one is available).
* Maintaining contact with district council, especially the district membership chairperson, regarding membership programs and ideas.


* Giving an impressive picture of your area prospects.
* Ensuring that new members are invested with a dignified ceremony.
* Encouraging new members to attend training
* Keeping your members informed and enthused about upcoming and ongoing events
* Keeping all members actively involved.
* Seeing that there is constant harmony among members at all times.
* Reducing resignations by ascertaining reasons for loss of interest and then applying corrective measures.

Reproduced for by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia