UPDATE - MAY 19, 1999

The National Council of Scouts Canada met May 13 - 16, 1999. Quebec's delegates were Charles Johnston, provincial president and Marilyn Pollock, provincial commissioner. The following is a summary of the major decisions / actions that you might be interested in:
A major Youth Forum was approved for June 28, 2000 to July 3, 2000. There will be three main thrusts to this forum: discussion groups, a training program and the establishment of working groups for various projects. Quebec will be invited to send up to ten youth members (recommended age 14 - 27) and the event will take place in Ottawa. You are invited to begin "talking it up" with your youth members now, and the selection process will be communicated by early fall.
It was agreed to allow 16 and 17 year old Scouters-in-training to take Wood Badge I training of the section in which they are active, and to receive and wear recognition for same. As well it was agreed to allow the same age group to take Trainer Development I courses and to receive recognition for same. This is a two year experiment and begins September 1, 1999.
A minor clarification was made to BP&P to indicate that the Girl Guide Canada Cord may be worn by youth who are former members of Girl Guides, until the next senior award is earned.
New program links will be added to the National Council website and an opportunity to subscribe to a weekly program ideas e-newsletter will be added.
In a return to what was the practice in Quebec until last fall, new adult volunteers may wear their group neckerchief as soon as they have completed the interview, reference checks and provided authorization for a police record check, rather than having to wait until the PRC is completed. Investiture will still follow the completion of the process, and at that time, only the epaulets will remain to be presented. This will better integrate the new adults.
The report of the task group for the implementation of co-ed scouting was adopted. As soon as we have an electronic copy, we will make it available to those interested. The major recommendation adopted was that "co-ed leadership is highly recommended for Beaver, Cub, Scout and Venturer sections when they contain both male and female members."
The notice of motion regarding the millennium structure was withdrawn, and a new mandate was given to a new task group to draft a bylaw for a governance model National Council level of the organization. This draft bylaw is to be ready by September 1, 1999 and will be voted upon at the November meetings of the National Council.
There is a continuing concern that some Scouters are signing waivers or "hold harmless agreements" that commit Scouting to accepting more liability in an activity than is rightfully ours. Here's what needs to be done: (1) plan ahead so that you don't arrive at the door of a service provider without knowing what you will be asked to sign. (2) If a waiver will be required, get a copy in advance and fax it to Rita Moore or Bob Hallett at the National Office (613-224-3571). They will confirm that it meets our requirements and will not unreasonably put the organization at risk. The continuing increase in litigation in this area is of significant concern to the national organization, and we are all asked to be ever more vigilant in this area.
A new line of high-end products was introduced which will be of significant interest to some of our members, either as gifts of appreciation, or for personal collections. Products such as stained glass replicas, leather portfolios, walking sticks, and others will be available soon in the Scout Shop.

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