Table Manners

Maybe table manners aren't taught in most households these days, but for one week, or a long weekend, or any other Scouting event, the boys (and sometimes leaders) need to be given basic lessons.

1) Hats off when you enter the dining hall, or another inside eating space (HATS DO NOT GET PUT ON THE TABLES OR FOOD PREPARATION AREAS -- can you see this might have been a pet peeve this past week?)

2) No combing or brushing of hair (or mustache) in the dining hall or eating area.

3) Hands are to be washed on the palm-side (and also the back-side -- imagine, there's two sides to a hand!).

3) Wait until everyone is at the table and some sort of grace or silence is maintained. If a general grace is given (as at a dining hall), then just wait until everyone is seated.

4) No eating with your mouth full (you have to remember all those questions you're dying to ask).

5) Ask for pitchers and platters and condiments, don't reach across someone else's eating space (Question for the day, do the boys know the word "Condiment"?)

6) Forearms on the table? Okay if there's room. Elbows on the table? Definitely not.

7) Please ask to be excused when you wish to leave -- also using the words "please," "thank you," and "excuse me" makes for a wonderful meal.

8) Leaders should set the example.