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Hiking and Backpacking:

  • Chet Fromm has a Backpackers Guide that has an impressive set of links to almost everything to do with backpacking and hiking, including: maps, supplies, clubs, trails and sites, etc. Have patience. It'll take time to load this one.

    Canoes and Paddles:The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, Ltd, a non-profit membership association, has lots of interesting information on 'real canoes': wood-canvas, cedar strip and birchbark canoes. They also have an illustrated page on Paddle Making by Shawn Burke that shows you step-by-step how to make your own paddle. A good, challenging project for older youth.

    Canoeing:The Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association has an extensive set of links to what seems like practically anything to do with canoeing in Canada, ranging from government information sites to clubs, outfitters, guides and commercial sites such as retailers and manufacturers. If you're planning on doing any paddling (practically anywhere) in Canada, this is the spot to start from.

    Make Your Own Rope: Author Gerald Findlay's page on his scouting book, Rope Works, has a page with a description on how to make your own rope, using a variety of materials. An unusual and interesting camp craft.

    Compass Work: Everything you wanted to know about how to use a compass (well... practically 'everything') is on the How to Use a compass page.