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A Training Course Song

(Tune: ``My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean``)

We came up to (name your camp) Campsite, 
A Scouting course for to run, 
And once we arrived at the Campsite, 
We sure had a whole lot of fun.


Camping, Camping, it's good to be camping again, again. 
Camping, Camping, it's good to be camping again.

The tents were erected quite quickly, 
In various sizes and shapes, 
They drooped at the corners most sickly, 
And hung from the ridge poles like grapes.


A session on feeding and cooking, 
Told how to cook food in a hole 
Of course, if you wanted to eat it, 
You had to crawl in like a mole.


Fires were lit on the roadway, 
Trees were chopped down in a rush, 
And after some more about kitchens, 
We all stomped around in the bush.


With the Campfire this course is ending, 
A good one for all it has been, 
The lights will be out by eleven, 
And then not a man must be seen!