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All Girl Scouts

(Tune: Generic Army Marching Cadence) 

I don't know but I've been told, 
All Girl Scouts are good as gold. 
I am one, and I say it's true, 
Scouting's great for me and you. 


Sound off: 1, 2, 
Sound off: 3, 4. 
Bring it on down: 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, - 3,4 

Daisy has a disc of blue, 
They are Scouts that are brand new. 
They are cute and they are sweet 
Daisy Scouts are fun to meet. 

Brownies have a disc of green 
They are second on the scene. 
They wear a uniform that's brown, 
Their smile song can erase a frown. 

Junior level is the next, 
A yellow disk is on their vest. 
They say that camping is big fun, 
And they earn badges one by one. 

Cadettes are teens that care a lot, 
Their service projects hit the spot. 
A white disc is the one they wear 
The name Girl Scout they're proud to wear. 

Senior discs are red, I know. 
They are Girl Scouts on the go. 
With Wider Opportunities, 
Some Girl Scouts go overseas. 

Leaders have no disc at all 
They come all sizes, big and small. 
They share their time and talents too. 
They make Girl Scouting great for you.