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Black Socks

Black Socks, they never get dirty, 
The longer you wear them the stronger they get! 
Sometimes I think I should wash them 
But something keeps telling me 
No, no, not yet! 

(not yet, not yet...)

Knee sox, they never stay up, 
The more that you wear them the downer they get.
Sometimes I think about anklets, 
But something inside me says, "Oh no, not yet."

(not yet, not yet...)

Black (stomp left foot) socks (stomp right foot), 
They never (left hand to left thigh) get dirty (right hand to
right thigh)
The longer (left hand to right thigh) you wear them (right hand
to left thigh)
The blacker (left hand to right shoulder) they get (right hand to
left shoulder)...

(second half of the verse; repeat actions)

During the "Not yet, not yet", snap your fingers on both hands.
As you repeat the 
song, sing it faster and faster.