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Boom Boom

Boom, Boom, but it's great to be crazy, 
Boom, Boom, but it's great to be crazy, 
Giddy and foolish all day long, 
Boom, Boom, but it's great to be crazy.

Akela, Akela, he sells socks, 
Ten cents a pair, and a dollar a box, 
The longer he wears them, the stronger they get, 
He puts them in the water and they don't get wet.

Our Kim and a Beaver and three Brownies nice, 
Sat on a curbstone shooting dice, 
Kim fell off and landed on the three 
And together they all shouted, "There's a Kim on me!"

Way down south where bananas grow, 
A Beaver stepped on an elephant's toe, 
The elephant said, with tears in his eyes, 
"Pick on someone your own darn size!"

Way up north where there's ice and snow, 
There lived a Wolf Cub, his name was Joe, 
He got so tired of everything white, 
He wore pink pants to the dance last night.

A Scout he promises to be prepared, 
He never shows that he is scared, 
So why at camp do they always flee, 
When a leader says, "Who'll help me?"

Venturers, Venturers, they go forth, 
If one points south, another points north, 
How they get there, we surely don't know, 
But when someone yells "Pathfinders", they're never slow.