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Campin' in the Rain

(Tune: Singin' in the Rain) 

I'm campin' in the rain, just campin' in the rain. The tent and campfire are soggy again. The clouds in the sky are making me cry. My waterlogged shoes may never get dry. All the mud in the place is stuck on my face. The frogs and the turtles are starting to race. Oh, what should I do? I need a canoe. A webbed--footed weasel swam off with my shoe. I'm campin' in the rain; just campin' in the rain. The good doctor said I've got water on the brain. I can't light the fire. I'm stuck in the mire. The lightning just knocked down the telephone wire. I'm drownin' in the rain; just drownin' in the rain. Won't it please stop raining --- I hate to complain. My sleeping bag's wet. I'm starting to fret. My life jacket wasn't the thing to forget. I'm campin' in the rain; just campin' in the rain. What a glorious feeling! Someone just plugged the drain. The pre--cip--i--tate will now dis--a--pate. The sun soon will dry up the puddle I hate. No more campin' in the rain.