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Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again

(Traditional Folksong) 

Now the Lord decided to make a man, 
Dem bones are gonna rise again, 
So he made Adam according to plan, 
Dem bones are gonna rise again, 
Took a rib from Adam's side, 
Dem bones are gonna rise again, 
Made Miss Eve for to be his bride, 
Dem bones are gonna rise again. 


I knowed it, knowed it, 
Indeed I knowed it brothers, 
I knowed it, whee, 
Dem bones are gonna rise again. 

Well he made a garden rich and fair, 
Dem bones etc. 
Told them to eat what they found there, 
To one tall tree they must not go, 
There forever the fruit must grow. 

Around that tree old Satan slunk, 
And at miss Eve his eye he wunk, 
"Eve, those apples look mighty fine, 
Just try one--the Lord won't mind!" 

First she took a little slice, 
Smacked her lips and said 'twas nice, 
Next she gave a little pull, 
Soon she had her apron full. 

Soon the Lord came a-walking round, 
Spied those peelings on the ground, 
"Adam, Adam, where art thou?" 
"Here I'm Lord, I'm a coming now." 

"You ate my applies, I believe." 
"T'weren't me Lord, I 'spect 'twas Eve." 
The Lord rose up in his mighty wrath 
Told them "Beat it down the path." 

They took a pick, and they took a plough, 
That's why we're all working now. 
That's all there is, there ain't no more, 
Eve got the apple--Adam got the core!