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Do You Know a Cub?

(Tune: D'Ye Ken John Peel)

Do you know a Cub, with his jersey green, 
Do you know la Cub with his face so clean. 
Do you know a cub, always bright and gay, 
With his smile and his chirp in the morning.

For the sound of the Howl makes him quite glad. 
He joins and passes his Tenderpad. 
He shouts dyb, dyb, and dob, dob, too, 
We'll do our best in all things.

I know la Cub for he's one of us 
If he is hurt, he'll make no fuss. 
For he's taught to be brave in all his ways 
And be up like a lark in the morning.

You'll know a Cub by his green cap, too. 
He's usually helping another boy through. 
For he's taught to help other people, too, 
And to shun himself in all things.

When he goes to camp in summer time, 
He enjoys himself, but gets in grime. 
But it's honest dirt land will soon come off 
With water and soap in the morning.

And when he's older a Scout he'll be. 
With hat and staff will go merrily. 
For what he is in the Cubs will prove 
A first-class Scout in the making.