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Down at the Station

Down at the station, early in the morning 
See the little puffing billies standing in a row 
Up comes a man and he turns a little handle 
Puff, puff, choo, choo, away they go 

Coffee (x 4) 
Cheese and biscuits (x4) 
Prunes and custard (x 4) 
Beef and carrots (x4) 

Various Other Cadence Verses
(Tune: the Generic Army Marching Cadence)

We are Girl Scouts can't you see? 
Come along and sing with me. 


Sound off: 1, 2,
Sound off: 3, 4.
Bring it on down: 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, - 3,4 

We are Girl Scouts don't you know? 
Exercise will help us grow.

We are Girl Scouts, we have fun.
We all like to scream and run.

Girl Scouts are the best around. 
We have friends all over town.

On my honor, we will try, 
This Promise is what we live by.

Lightning Bolt is our Troop Crest,
Troop 2-5-5 is the best.