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Happy Ploughman

Near a home in a wood 
With a horse very good, 
A poor young farmer 
Smiled as he stood
Looking down at his plough, 
In his heart was a glow 
When he sang as he ploughed the row.

"Heigh-ho my little buttercup 
We'll dance until the sun comes up." 
Thus he sang as he ploughed, 
And he smiled as he sang 
While the woods and welkin rang.

In a house near the wood,
Where the farmer stood,
There lived his helpmate, lovely and good;
As she cooked and she stirred,
She was glad that she heard,
And she echoed every word:

"Heigh-ho, my little buttercup!
We'll dance until the sun comes up!"
Thus she sang as she stirred,
And she smiled as she sang,
While the woods and the welkin rang.

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