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Hymn of Scouting

(Tune: The Church's One Foundation)
Oh Father we would bring Thee a Scoutship strong and true
A life of loving service and struggle well won through
A Scoutship that our Founder would surely love to see
Of utter self-surrender and spotless purity
Oh knit us all together as loyal friends of all
And make us every ready to help up those who fall
As Scouts we must be trusted to others to do good
God bless and keep and strengthen the Scouting brother[/sister]hood
So as we stand before Thee we give our promise true
That we will on our honor love God and country too
We'll help all others daily in all we say and do
And live the laws of Scouting as Thou woulds't have us do
And so Thee our Captain, as loyal Scouts we come
And ask that Thou will leads us 'til Scouting days are done
We face tomorrow's struggles strong in Thy strength alone
Look down and bless our Scoutship, for we would be Thine own