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Jack was Every Inch a Sailor

Now 'twas twenty-five or thirty years
Since Jack first saw the light
He came into this world of woe one dark and stormy night
He was born on board his father's ship
As she was lying 'bout
Twenty-five or thirty miles south of Badalieu

Jack was every inch a sailor
Five and twenty years a whaler
Jack was every inch a sailor

He was born upon the bright blue sea
When Jack grew up to be a man
He went to Labrador
He fished in Indian Harbour where his father fished before
On his returning in the fog, he met a heavy gale
And Jack was swept into the sea, and swallowed by a whale

The whale went straight for Baffin Bay, about ninty knots an hour
And every time he'd blow a spray
He'd send it in a shower
"Oh now" says Jack unto himself
I must see what he's about
He caught the whale by the tail, and turned him inside out