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Junior Birdmen

[Tune: On Brave Old Army Team]

Up in the air, Junior Birdmen; up in the air, upside down,
Up in the air, Junior Birdmen; with your noses to the ground.

And when you hear the grand announcement: that your wings are
made of tin.
Well, then you know, Junior Birdmen, it's time to send your box
tops in.

For it takes: 5 box tops, 4 bottle bottoms, 3 coupons, 2
wrappers, and one thin dime!

Actions: Make a face mask each time you sing the words, "Junior
Birdmen" by lacing your fingers. Then, with thumbs under the
chin, twist your hands outwards so that you make goggles for the
eyes. On "Upside down," perform a jet plane swoop outstretched
arms. On "Ground," bring the swooping arms as near to the
ground as possible.