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Littlest Worm

The littlest
worm - I
ever saw 
Was stuck inside - My soda straw. 
He said to me - Don't take a sip 
'Cause if you do - I'll surely flip 
I took that sip - And he went down 
Down through my pipes - He must have drowned. 
He was my pal - He was my friend 
And now he's gone - And thats the end 
But then I burped - And he came up 
He came right up - Into my cup 
He said to me - That wasn't nice 
You did it once - Don't do it twice. 
The moral of - This little tale 
"If you see a worm - Just don't inhale."
Sung as a
"repeat after me" song. Leader
sings one line then the group repeats