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Ode to a Girl Scout Leader

Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic

Sent in by Jannette Knieling (

I was glad to have a girl 
Because my first child was a son 
I thought of all the ruffles 
All the frilly bows and fun 
I thought of how we'd sit and talk 
At night when day was done 
Wasn't I the foolish one? 

She was only 1/2 past 7 
When they called me to the fore 
I said, "Oh no, I'm not equipped" 
They said, "oh yes, what's more 
We will train you in the basics 
And outfit you for the corp." 
And they shoved me out the door. 

Glory, Glory, I'm a leader 
How'd I get to be a leader 
All I did was have a daughter 
Is this the price I pay 

They taught me to be thrifty 
To be thoughtful, to be true 
They taught me to string beads 
Like all the noble Indians do 
I had to learn to dig a trench 
And how to use it too 
And you should taste our stew. 

I had to learn to sing songs that  
I didn't understand 
I learned to dance the polka 
And to make a rhythm band 
To think of what to do and to 
Forget what I had planned 
And they say that scouting's grand 

Glory, Glory, I'm a leader 
Me, they had to make a leader 
I can't even build a fire 
Let alone put up a tent. 

We went walking in the woodland 
Just my girl scout troop and me 
The handbook say that nature  
Has a wealth of sights to see 
It's true that we were sights 
When we were found eventually 
And I do this all for free! 

I'm not meant to be a leader 
I don't know which bird is which 
My wiener forks all burn up 
We come home from hikes and itch 
The sit-upons all fell apart 
I showed them the wrong stitch 
But no one wants to switch! 

Glory, Glory, I'm a leader 
Someone's got to be a leader 
Tell me why I should be happy 
When no one envies me. 

But even though I grumble 
And I mumble and I shout 
And some days I just sit and wonder 
What's the best way out 
I guess when all is said and done 
There isn't any doubt 
I'm glad to be a scout. 

So if you see me packing 
For those weekend over nights 
With a lot of happy scouts 
Agathering tents and pots and lights 
We'll be back home when its over 
Dirty, tired and covered with bites 
But we've seen natures sights. 

Glory, Glory, I'm a leader 
Hallelujah, I'm a leader 
They can carve it on my tombstone 
"Here's a gal who did her best."