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Oh, My Darling Frankenstein

(Tune: Clementine)

Oh, my darling, oh, my darling,
Oh, my darling Frankenstein.
You are lost and gone forever
Dreadful sorry, Frankenstein!

I was working with my test tubes
In my laboratory fine.
Then one day I broke my glasses 
And I made poor Frankenstein.
He was charming, he was handsome,
And I nailed his head on tight.
Oh, his teeth were sharp and pearly
And his eyes came out at night.
Oh, his nose, I made it quickly
From a rotten apple core,
And his tongue was nice and purple
And it hung down to the floor.

Then the Wolfman came to work,
"Sir," I said, "What's in your mouth?"
He said "Fangs." I said "You're welcome." 
And he still is running south.
Frankenstein helped in the kitchen
He was baking up a cake,
When he fell in the Mixmaster
And got whipped up by mistake.
Cooking nicely in the oven,
Oh, the cake, it came out fine.
I told my friends that they were raisins,
But those lumps were Frankenstein!