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One Fish Ball

(Lumpy's Special) 

There was a man strolled up and down, 
To see where he could dine in town. 
He came upon a stylish place 
And entered in with modest grace. 
He took his purse, his pockets hence, 
And found he'd only fifteen cents. 
The Bill of Fare he looked it through 
To see what fifteen cents would do. 
The only thing would do at all 
Was O-o-one Fish Ball. 
He called the waiter down the hall 
And softly murmured "One Fish Ball". 
The waiter bellowed down the hall 
"This gen'l'man here wants One Fish Ball". 
The people stared both one and all, 
To see who wanted One Fish Ball. 
The wretched man felt ill at ease 
And SOFTLY whispered "Bread, Sir, Please". 
The waiter YELLED it down the hall, 
"YOU get NO BREAD with One Fish Ball". 
There is a moral to it all-
You get no bread with One Fish Ball.