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Ricky the Rock

(actions in brackets) 

Ricky the Rock goes (pause: in silence, clasp hands over head) 
He looks at me and goes (same as above) 
He never laughs or sings, 
Never does anything. 
He looks at me and goes (same as above) 

Other verses and their actions:

Garry the grass goes (in silence, outline blade of grass with
Trevor the tree goes (in silence, arms out to sides like
Barry the branch goes (in silence, one arm out to side as branch)

Willomeen the water goes (in silence, make wave actions with
Claudia the cloud goes (in silence, puff out cheeks, arms over
Fiona the flower goes (in silence, hands beside head, fingers
opening like flower petals) 
Danny the doorknob goes (in silence, head down and turn back and
forth with hands) 
Ricky the rock goes (repeat!)